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New Dutch book: Design thinking. Radicaal veranderen in kleine stappen

Did you ever notice that although it is easy to explain design thinking to others, it is damn hard to teach it to them? I discovered this on the go, while I was teaching and coaching students, start-ups and management teams. Maybe hard to believe, but the hardest group are students. They listen, they nod their heads enthusiastically, but their lack of confidences is a genuine killer. Missing information and extreme ambiguity transforms into a drive to analyze everything to death. Design…


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In depth study on designers & designthinking inside orgaizations

In September 2012 Guido Stompff successfully defended his PhD thesis at the TU Delft, named "Facilitating Teamcognition. How designers mirror what teams do". The thesis is available at

This PhD research is an in depth exploration of the practice of new product development (NPD).

To develop complex products, large…


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the unbearable lightness of design thinking

My latest blog: the unbearable lightness of designthinking. It considers 4 contesting paradigms / woldviews on innovation, based on a famous model of Daft and Weick (1984). These paradigms can be explained alongside two axes:

1. the belief to what extent 'world' can be analyzed, let alone predicted.

2. the belief to what extent an organization can change the course of events it is part of.

This results into a 2x2 matrix, depicting 4 quite distinct paradigms. Design…


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hiring: young designthinker for ambitious C2C project

At Oce Technologies, a Canon Group Company, an interesting technological project was started. This aims to close the loop of printing paper in a fundamental way. Technologically this project is well underway, however we are aware it is not just technology. The central question is: will the many millions of users be willing to adapt to this new concept, for the sake of environment? This is not merely a question of choice: the way how Océ enables people to ‘close the loop’ is crucial for the… Continue

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designing as sensemaking

Designing and design thinking are often framed as activities looking forward - at the future. It is about devising plans and activities to change things. In teams, composed of a specialists another phenomenon can be witnessed in the process of design: sensemaking. Often only by means of prototypes or visualizations of the intended product or service a team is working on, team members can explore what teh consequences of their work is for others and vice versa. This looking in hindsight is a…


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Design thinking & the problem of language

Visualization is an undisputed necessity for design thinking, but why? Although many publications underscore the relevance of ‘visual’ thinking; ‘post it walls; schemes; mind maps, sketching and so on, the question why it is needed remains misty. It may seem that design thinking - loosely defined as solving problems as designers do,…


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Design thinking: shoot, aim, ready.

Even though design thinking is gaining popularity quickly, the question is whether it is truly understood. It actually is built upon a worldview that badly fits the prevailing paradigms on innovation as practiced by many organizations. The current paradigm can be characterized by three words: ready – aim – fire. First everything is prepared for enabling an innovation, like an…


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Human-centered design and service work?

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Promoting my book

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