Literature & other media regarding Service Design / Design Thinking in the field of tourism

Please add literature and other relevant links & media!

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Stickdorn, M., Zehrer, A. (2009): “Service Design in Tourism – Customer Experience Driven Destination Management”, Proceedings of the First Nordic Conference on Service Design and Service Innovation, online:

Stickdorn, M., Schneider, J. (2009): “myServiceFellow: gaining genuine customer insights”, Proceedings of the First Nordic Conference on Service Design and Service Innovation, online:

Stickdorn, M. (2009): “Service Design in Tourism”, in: Miettinen S.; Koivisto, M. (eds.): Designing Services with Innovative Methods, Helsinki: Taik Publications.

Miettinen, S. (2007): Designing the Creative Tourism Experience. A Service Design Process with Namibian Crafts People. Helsinki: Publication series of University of Art and Design. Doctoral Dissertation.

Lally, A. M. and Fynes, B. (2006) ARTICULATING SERVICE CONCEPT TO ENHANCE TOURISM EXPERIENCE DESIGN. In: Irish Academy of Management Conference , University College Cork. (Unpublished). Online:

Williams, C. and Buswell, J. (2003): Service quality in leisure and tourism, Cambridge: CABI.


"Innovation in Tourism - tourism products in a changing world need service design thinking" at the business day of the first Nordic Conference on Service Design and Service Innovation in Oslo, Norway. November 24th, 2009. Video online:

"Scottish Tourism - Service Design" Engine Service Designs presentation to the Scottish Tourism Customer Service Conference. Powerpoint online:

"Practices of Service Design for Tourism" by Ivan Bursztyn, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Day 1 of the Service Design Network Conference, Madeira. October 26th, 2009. Powerpoint online:

Grate list! Thanks Marc for shearing.

I have two books that have been real inspiringfor me and that I feel have direct link to tourism and the hospitality business:

Gilmore, James H. & Pine, B. Joseph (2007). Authenticity: what consumers really want. Boston, Mass.: Harvard Business School Press

Pine, B. Joseph & Gilmore, James H. (1999). The experience economy: work is theatre & every business a stage. Boston, Mass.: Harvard Business School
Thanks for adding these, Anton! Definitely two classic must-reads..

Thanks Marc

I especaly like The The experience economy it was one of the sources that took me in on the Service Design path.

Stickdorn, M., & Zehrer, A. (2010). „ServiceDesign for tourism SMEs – The concept of service design and its application onthe Alpine Zoo in Innsbruck, Austria“. ServDes– Conference for Service Design andInnovation, online:


Stickdorn, M., & Zehrer, A. (2010). Mobile ethnography: How service design aids the tourism industry to cope with thebehavioral change of social media. Touchpoint – The Journal of ServiceDesign, 2(1), pp. 82-85.

in German:

Stickdorn, M., Grabmueller, A., Zehrer, A., &Siller, H. (2010). Service Design im Tourismus – Die Erfassung dertouristischen Kontaktpunktkette durch mobile Ethnographie. 4.Forschungsforum der österreichischen Fachhochschulen. Pinkafeld: FFH, pp.204-209.



„ServiceDesign for tourism SMEs" at the ServDes - Conference on Service Design and Service Innovation in Linköping, Sweden. December 3rd, 2010. Video online:


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