What design tools have you used to help with policymaking? How did you use them? What would you recommend? What worked? What didn't? What would you like to try out? Are there promising directions or existing practices we can learn from together?

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Things to consider in a how-to conversation

  • Overall process, from initial policy exploration through to program implementation. What parallels are there between policymaking and the design process already?
  • External vs. Internal Consultation, Participation, Facilitation, Validation
  • Fieldwork - how does ethnographic-style research inform policy?
  • Codesign - how can people work together to explore values, options, solutions. How do people create a shared understanding?
  • Visual thinking, making, prototyping: how can concrete artifacts aid policymaking?
  • What sort of tools for metrics and evaluation can be used?

I have an early take on most of these things that I described in a chapter in Usability for Government Systems. My chapter, appropriately enough, is "Design for Policymaking". I'll look into sharing the chapter or excerpts here.


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