I'm about to create an "about WENOVSKI" page. But it's certainly not just up to me to decide what WENOVSKI is, or should aspire to be. I would like to know what you think. What shall we put on this "about WENOVSKI" page? What do you think this network should be?

WENOVSKI = a design thinkers network
WENOVSKI = An open platform for sharing ideas and cross-disciplinary collaborations.
WENOVSKI could be a bridge between disciplines and cultures, educators and practitioners, students and professionals.

Can we come up with a shared manifesto?

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WENOVSKI = a place to learn
WENOVSKI = a place to experiment with ideas
WENOVSKI = A repository for white papers and success stories from other design thinkers
WENOVSKI = A haven for creativity and inspiration
Arne, a great idea ! I like the most the idea of platform and bridge.
Well, I believe Wenovski can be all of those things moreover it can be something that anyone can use and categorize as he wants to.

For me it is an open "empty square" where can build any kind of project or materialize ideas and find the need material and people to build it.

Well, do I may open an Gdocs document and we can begin this manifesto?

I think we can do a video-manifesto also.
Well i hope am not replying so late, i've just joined so...but

WENOVSKI = Limitless fReEdoM
WENOVSKI = MistAke shamelesS

There is never a bad time for good advise. Thank you very much :-)



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