The 'market' will stay. The need for companies to reach that market will stay. But methods will change.
Could design thinking be a new marketing method? Marketing 2.0? Will design thinking be integrated within the more traditional methods? Or will traditional marketing disappear and will design thinking take over?

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marketing 2.0 = services marketing = design thinking

It seems, it wasn't a scientific consideration, but rather political one :)

A year is gone and I totally disagree with myself :)

:-) that happens to the best of us! :-) I'd love to know what changed and how your thinking evolved!

I think traditional marketing will always exist, I don't think that marketers currently have the desire or time to explore design thinking at this stage, from my experience they are too caught up in day to day jobs. It takes a special type of company/person to start implementing design thinking in an organisation. This is an area that I have been struggling with in setting up my own design research company, who to target and how to sell them the concepts of design thinking / design research.



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