Responsive Art Creating Spaces where Future Human Behaviors Manifest


Photo: Olivia Horvath

Art has always been the abstract way paver for human centered design.  By creating emotional spaces, futures and possibilities flow into present and manifest through the subjective eyes of the audience. Interactive design is now able to tap into the infinite potential of art for its problem-solving works: being proactive about the future and invent it, instead of predicting it.

Author: Andreea Hirica


Here are some experiments at the crossroad of kinetic art and interactive design inviting the observer to take part in inventing the future by letting go of control over the experiment and letting ones self surprised by interactive objects responding to his (hers) behavior in their quantic, unpredictable state.


AUDIENCE. A 64 mirrors, metal case bases installation using custom motion tracking software, a computer and digital cameras. Audience is an interactive self-reflective experiment in which the visitor becomes the observing participant; the signified signifier. Once entered the perimeter of Audience, the mass of mirrors faces me in an inquisitive, self aware, synchronized movement. I am no longer in control of the experiment as the artistic environment starts inspiring itself from my behavior and randomly showing in every mirror glimpses of my very own reflection, to myself;  I now get to see both the whole experiment and my own gaze at once.

Random International / Audience II from Intern on Vimeo.


Visitors referred to Audience as a back to childhood experience where playful inquiry and surprising self-reflection were part of the mundane routine tasks.

YOU FADE TO LIGHT. An interactive installation that translates its viewer’s mirror image into light. Initially appearing as a looking glass grid, it reacts to the viewer’s movement by reflecting it in a slow motion silhouette, before slowly dissolving further and further into luminescence. The work holds the viewer’s gesture before gradually dissolving it into a radiating light.


You Fade To Light encourages me to engage in a kinetic dialogue, physically communicating both with the work itself, as well as with my own, abstracted flowing image.

This experiment brings into perception the concept of live multi-dimensionality


Random International / You Fade To Light from Intern on Vimeo.

Both Audience and Fade to Light are  interactive self-reflective installation showcased at Carpenters Workshop Gallery  during the Paris Design Week 2012. 


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