We are working in India currently, which gives us an opportunity to observe the local services and the service economy that thrives in our country from a ’service design perspective’. Specially because 'service design' as a new 'saleable' design service is only just getting attention, while age-old services designed from necessity, often through ‘jugaad' are highly innovative and sustainable. Stewart Brand also talks about some of these ideas in his recent Long Now talk.

While all this has been said and heard many a times, we are curious about how each of these individual services actually thrive profitably within the large network. We are also curious about the lives and stories of some of these service providers. And so, over the next few posts, we will be documenting and posting some of these encounters.

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Comment by Daniel Christadoss on January 6, 2010 at 2:59
Anab, Thanks for your encouragement on story telling. Another favorite case study of mine is Peer Power. Let me know when you are ready for another story :-) It deals with our Peers motivating us with the right questions, statements and answers. It is our Peers who create the tipping points in our pursuits.
And it is all done purely for mentoring and not for profit. You can see it around you every day at work and in the social media. And I have seen so much of it in my colleagues and at Wenovski.
Comment by Anab Jain on January 5, 2010 at 3:56
I love the idea of Operator Power, Daniel! I think this kind of 'trust-experiments' can be conducted across borders, specially since here in India its often quite hierarchical. Fantastic work, hope to hear more case studies from you in the future.
Comment by Daniel Christadoss on January 5, 2010 at 0:24
Anab, Yes, I have been able to practice some of the best practices I have been exposed to with our group. One of the areas we work on empowering and motivating is the equipment operator. The operators usually worksfor the operations group. We consider them the ultimate client in the manufacturing world. I actually conducted an experiment on the last project. We gave them full access to the higher level passwords and allowed them to play and experiment with process parameters. The operators were so exited by the trust bestowed on them that they on their own initiative conducted Design Thinking oriented DOE's (Design of Experiments) and came up with an excellent quality on the process but also improved the yield and utilization. This is what I Operator Power. We also discuss technical details with them and give them detailed explanation on the process. In the next step we involved them in the equipment design from a user perspective on a new production line. This line is now running and already giving an yield in excess of 97% at the start and there is full ownership from the team. The modern operator of today is technically savvy, well read and computer literate. All that they need is encouragement to go to the next level.
We are now having them intrepret SPC run time data and conduct process improvements on the fly.
Comment by Anab Jain on January 4, 2010 at 12:57
Thanks Daniel. Yes, the word 'Jugaad' also came up a lot in TEDIndia this year, and is probably one way of defining India's innovative thinking, specially under scarce resources. Your story of the carrots is great! Do you practice aspects of it today?
Comment by Daniel Christadoss on January 4, 2010 at 12:46
Thanks for bringing up a very interesting perspective with "Jugaad"
I must use this term with my projects here for work around's
Brings back many pleasant memories of "Jugaad" practiced in the early 70's when foreign exchange was scarce and I was a rookie engineer for Essar in Goa. Shashi Ruia used to tell us to be creative :-) and motivated us more by empowerment than by carrots. This was Essar's first foray into international connections. We had consultants from Sweden & Canada who were always pleasantly surprised by the "Jugaad" practiced to keep the projects on schedule.
Looking forward to participating in the discussions on Service Design in India


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