Car window turned into an interactive device

“Window to the world” is one of the many visions of how our very near future driving experience can look.

The vehicle’s windows turn into an interactive interface and the journey begins. What used to be a pane of glass provides us with information about landmarks and other objects as they go past. The window can be used as a canvas for drawings, through which then we interact with the passing environment. 

Here are the main augmented reality features we get to play with:


* Drawing in Motion – using the car window as a canvas, passengers can draw, using their fingers, and see the images integrating with the outside world as the vehicle moves along.

*Zooming into captured moments in time – the window becomes a screen for passengers to zoom-in on outside objects to see it in a brand new perspective.

*Translating the world in a local language – passengers are exposed to new languages and cultures as they can select elements outside the window and receive a real-time translation in a local language.

*Augmented Distances – pinpoint landmarks in the distance and the window will augment the relative distance to the car on the window surface.

*Virtual Constellations – the car’s panoramic roof displays virtual constellations and information about them with the actual sky as a background.


Presented by CIID during the Copenhagen Design Week 2011

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