Barcelona Design Thinking Week II · Draft Program Update

Lunes Monday Feb 6
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17:00 - 18:00 Sala de Actos Bienvenida Ignasi Perez Arnal Director Educacion Contínua Elisava y presentacion general de la DTWEEK 2012 a cargo de Jorge Rodriguez director MIDI.

18:00- 19:00 Mapa del Design Thinking  (Spanish) por Alessandro Rancati profesor MIDI Elisava Consultor Direccion Creativa / Future Concept Lab The Map of Design Thinking is a graphical tool designed to help multidisciplinary teams to share a commmon view and understanding of concepts such as innovation, design, creativity and design thinking. It offers a wide, non specialized perspective, that allows each concept to be seen in relation to others. The map helps position concepts, projects, people, companies, tools and places.

19:15 - 21:15 Workshop Cocreacion (Spanish) Jordi Prats Sesion 1·  Elisava · Ineedit

Martes Tuesday Feb 7
15:00 - 17:00 Workshop Esto me da Vidilla, (Spanish/English) Equipo Evidentis San Sebastian Health experts say that XXI century is the century of social science applications (including design) to solve health problems. Health and disease are concepts that have changed at different times and cultures which is totally understandable, if we assume the biological, social and personal conditions of human beings at once.

17:00: 19:00  Workshop IVEGTAR Games and Education (English) Daniel Weiss Budapest - Changing the way Job Counsellors work on Evocational Educational Training. Design Thinking is implemented for analyzing the way Job Counsellors work and what kind of services they provide and if these services are useful for the final student.

Miércoles Wednesday Feb  8 (un taller a escoger / one workshop to choose from)
15:00 – 19:00 Workshop Get Emotional  (English) Marco van Hout - Elisava Susa Group Designing for emotions is key. It means intentionally creating within the individual – staging, orchestrating, choreographing all good verbs for it – a response that triggers
feelings beyond rationality. It is certainly an art form today, but the first step toward
making it a science is identifying and understanding what emotions current offerings

15:00 – 19:00 Workshop Design and Business Models (Spanish/ English) Josep Maria Monget · Researcher at i2Cat UPC,  Professor at Elisava The connection between Design and Business Model is today a major concern for everybody; business managers, design people and technology practitioners.

Jueves Thusrday Feb 9
15:00 – 17:00 Workshop Cocreacion (Spanish)  Jordi Prats Sesion 2·  Elisava · Ineedit
17:00 – 19:00 Workshop The Future of Work · (English) Daniela Marzavan HTW University of Applied Science Berlin - How do you want to work and live in the future? 21st century’s metropoles are full of creative workers, digital natives, urban nomads, freelancers and entrepreneurs. They belong to an emerging global community of people dedicated to the values of Collaboration, Openness, Community, Accessibility and Sustainability in their workplaces called coworking.

Viernes Friday Feb 10
15:00 - 17:00 Workshop Human Centered Design (English) Arne van Oosterom Design Thinkers NL - Requiere aula para 30 personas mesas móviles

17:00 – 19:00 Workshop Design Au Naturel (English)  Brent Richards and David Carlsson - Brent Richards will relate the natural context to design - talking about ‘Down to Earth’- a fundamental shift in front of us, futurescaping a reconciliation with the Nature, and affective design, the human condition , and well being. David Carlson will talk about old Roses - out of a human and emotional perspective design in relation to nature, The Rose as a metaphor for beauty, and symbolism.

Cervesa Moritz Get together at Elisava´s Terrace bar (en la terraza de la escuela, a modo de despedida) To be confirmed.

fees and registration still to be confirmed

All info will be soon posted at

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