Are We Going After Post-It Notes or is there a Hidden Agenda - It is a tool like CAD, Rendering, Crafts, Power Points, Graphs, Models to Engage and Empower our Audience

I do enjoy the articles at

A recent article however made it almost point less reading. What was the moral of the story? Or was there a hidden agenda. Or was it pure provocative journalism to draw us out :-)
I must have missed something

I will let you decide what to make of it. Here is the link

Here is my take on it.
We use quite a number of tools to empower and engage our audience. It may be an internal or an external customer. One day it could be story telling, the another may be Post-Its or we would present our SolidWorks Rendered model. Or it could just be a crude mock-up

It is our choice and depends on what we would like to achieve from the team.
Of course to be successful one must master all available presentation and engineering tools
But the presentation is not to show our mastery of a tool but to get to the goal of the presentation

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Comment by Jason Cooper on May 23, 2010 at 19:14
I posted a comment on the FastCompany article but figured I'd add my 2 cents here.

In my opinion post-it's are a tool. Sticky bits of paper useful for getting down notes. While they may represent design-thinking visually, that's about as deep as it gets.

For me the original article reeks of elitism. ''You can't use post-its, you're not a designer!''

Shallow journalism imho.


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