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Service Designers Should Aim to Become Obsolete

I'm very honored my company (DesignThinkers) got mentioned in the Service Design Supplement in the Guardian.

"Extraordinary examples of service design are cropping up everywhere. And not just in the UK. In the Netherlands, service design agency

DesignThinkers was commissioned by the Dutch government to work on a

national branding programme. In Korea, US design group Continuum finds

that its Seoul office has one in 10 projects geared to service design,

particularly… Continue

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Can a Cultural Model be The Business Model?

I had a short conversation on Twitter about ideas and thoughts concerning organizational culture. I thought it would be nice to share it and hopefully get another conversation going.

> Can we first design a cultural model and then the business model? Can a culture be the business model?


Yes, I think so. Pret a Manger, Virgin, IKEA, Pixar, all have cultures that define the business… Continue

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People are full of contradictions. Organizations are no different.

e.g. There is so much talk about innovation. But in my experience most organizations and people do not want to change. We fear change.

One of…


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The future directions at Parsons, the School of Design Strategies

I could do with a little help :-)

I have been asked to participate in a workshop at Parsons New School for Design New York.

Naturally I am very honored. Specially since the other participants (so far) are Fred Dust and Ryan Jacoby from IDEO, Roger Martin from Rotman, Jannene Rae from Peer Insight, and Bob Feldman, Feldman and Partners and David Armano.

So needles to say... I could do with a little help.

The general purpose of the workshop is strategic… Continue

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What a Shame "Samsung Launches Open Mobile Platform"

As one of the leading companies in the mobile phone industry Samsung has an amazing change to do something extraordinary. Something we can all profit from.

So they launch the new platform Samsung Bada.

A new platform that tries to divide and conquer.

Interesting enough the words they use to sell it are words that show they know what they should be doing. "In order to build a rich smartphone experience… Continue

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If we stopped discussing, we stopped caring

This post is a reaction to the discussion we had on Twitter about the Service Design Network and the location of the conference in 2010.

And the discussion that continued on this forum set up by Joel Bailey:

I suggested we should be in London, because we should go to the UK and London seems a logical choice. But, so it I… Continue

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Co-Creation Sucks!

"Presentation done by Asier Perez, director of Funky Projects, at Service Design Conference 09 in Madeira 2009 Oct 26. This presentation challenges the belief that a co-created project is… Continue

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David Kelley Bootcamp Fireside Chat

David Kelley dropped by Bootcamp to talk with students about the and how design thinking can change the world.

Bootcamp Fireside Chat from Caroline O'Connor on…


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Europark - The perfect parking

"The Swedish service design agency Transformator was asked by Europark to create a vision of the prefect parking. Based on in-depth consumer insights Transformator created this animation to show what parking with the users needs in focus could be… Continue

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Big In Kuopio!

Lauren Currie, Marc Stickdorn, Fergus Bisset, Arne van Oosterom and Renato Troncon caught off-guard during the Experience Service Design conference Finland 2009…

Tell me: What is your personal Service Design one-liner?

Big In Kuopio (Experience Service Design FInland) from DesignThinkers on…


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"Designing an Extraordinary Life" - Corey Ford - Keynote Speech

"Corey Ford's (Fellow & Lecturer Stanford tells the story of how the adventures of the Morehead Scholarship diverted him from a narrow, linear path to unexpected, extraordinary opportunities - from National Geographic, to the San Francisco Giants, to PBS FRONTLINE, to Stanford Business School, to the Stanford Just like designing an extraordinary product requires a non-linear series of flaring and focusing, so does designing an extraordinary… Continue

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Service Design - Hospitals of the future

In this Thinkaboutit video, Tine Park, Strategic Design Consultant, at Designit shares her experiences from design processes at Danish… Continue

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Tapping In To Creative Potential - George Kembel

George Kembel, co-founder and executive director of the, describes how creativity can be awakened through the design thinking… Continue

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Redmonk's James Governor: Design Thinking

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I'm working on a presentation I'll be giving at the Experience Service Design event in Finland.

I'm trying show how change is a constant, it is how we grow, learn and survive. Change is life.

And the only real thread is not changing.

For one part of my presentation I'm compiling a list of threats to "business as usual". I asked people on Twitter to help me with this list. Which they generously did… Continue

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Tim Brown on Change By Design

Tim Brown on Change By Design from IDEO on Vimeo.

IDEO's Tim Brown discusses his new book, Change by Design, to be released September 29, 2009.

To read more about the book, visit… Continue

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Douglas Rushkoff: Life Inc. The Movie

Has the world turned into one big corporation? Are we living by corporate rules and reality? In "LIFE INC. How The World Became A Corporation And How To Take It Back" Douglas Rushkoff traces how corporations went from a convenient legal fiction to the dominant fact of contemporary life.

Life Inc. The Movie from Douglas Rushkoff on…


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Human Centered Branding

Great presentation by my good friend Erik Roscam Abbing (@roscamabbing ) of Zilver Innovation.


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Customer discovery - would love your thoughts

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Human-centered design and service work?

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