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25 Tips voor museumgidsen en kunstdocenten

25 Tips voor museumgidsen en kunstdocenten


Onderstaande 25 tips komen uit de nieuwe- in ontwikkeling zijn de -methode “Staging the museum,” een scenario based beleving & trainingtool, bedoeld om museumprofessionals te verbinden aan vrijwilligers in en rondom kleine en middelgrote musea. In deze tijd is het belangrijker dan ooit om…


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Recovering poor service on the workfloor

As could be read in earlier blogs, even if you are a small hostel, a familiy-run bed and breakfast, a low-budget accommodation: It is inexcusable not to think thoroughly about the services you provide.…


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Your place isn’t just anywhere

And neither are you

It takes understanding your customer, their movement and expectations, but also the pacing of their day and time and their perception of “homeness” . In that respect, the locations travelled through some of the locative games, are consumption zones, without semiotic narratives or meaning, other than the often very real sense of fun, associated with it. However not as authentic.…


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Specialised touristguide training

Specialised touristguide training

 Modular and custom tailored

Both in Dutch and English


  • For experienced guides;
  • For museum- and tourist management
  • For educators
  • For…

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Narratives of travel: Telling it to the self

When does an experience become a story?

Anyone travelling loves to tell stories. During travel, after the journey, whenever resting around a campfire. But these stories are more connected than you might think, although they are told at different points and places within the travel experience, using different voices and stances. Together they form a typical narrative. Pre-tour narratives are carried throughout the journey, shaping and scripting the journey. Whatever happens…


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Nieuw: Experience design for hostels and B&B

Experience Design for Hostels and Bed & Breakfast


Including locative- and urban gaming for hostels!

General information

Click here for abbreviated outline.

Experience Design for low-budget or small hostels!

Have a hostel.. big one, small one, familiy… Continue

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Customer discovery - would love your thoughts

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Human-centered design and service work?

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Promoting my book

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