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Language Is Killing Our Ability To Innovate

There are many inventions whose origins we simply cannot trace. One glaringly obvious, yet equally elusive innovation is that of the spoken word. Before we had language, we made sense of the world through pictures, sounds, and smells. Humans estimated time by looking at the position of the sun, and gained a sense of direction by…


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Designed By Removal: The Invention Of The Baseball Hand Signal & How A Deaf Man Changed The Game Forever

Like an epidemic, a baseball craze hit New York City in the summer of 1865. Suddenly, a game played only in the streets by factory workers was being called a “national pastime” by local journalists. Baseball was bringing Americans together, a year later there would be sixteen area clubs…


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Design Through Humility

Have you ever wondered why children pick up on things so quickly? Think of it, they learn an entire language with no previous knowledge of communication. Whereas with adults, it often takes years to comprehend a new concept.

Adult’s inability to learn comes from our ingrained attitude and past experience. What prevents people from learning is not the subject itself, but the rigidity we accumulate from past experience. This could manifest itself in the form of superiority whenever we…


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Customer discovery - would love your thoughts

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Human-centered design and service work?

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Promoting my book

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