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Don't call me wicked: reconsidering the term 'wicked problems'

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As human-centred design enters all facets of industry vernacular and we buoy up the sales of post-it notes globally I kindly ask you to stop to pause for one moment and reflect.

Imagine a 16-year-old…


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Creating a 'We Culture' through Participation

Is the term ‘participation economy’ just a way in which brand strategists and marketers engage with a generation consumed by their world of abundance or a frame from which to design a new future? Whilst I tiptoe around my near non-existent knowledge of economics, I consider the many contexts we see this play out in. With the millennial generation before us and a generation at their heels that will consist of multiple sub-generations not constricted by a label, we see a product of a rapidly…


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Removing Jargon from your 'Toolbox'

I’m on the exciting journey of connecting with new and interesting people having recently relocated to Tokyo for my Husband’s job. Moving to a new country where of course most people’s first language is not English, presents interesting challenges across the ‘settling in’ requirements.

One challenge it has uncovered is my need to adjust my reliance on jargon when speaking in a professional setting. Whilst this is something I consciously practice when speaking to different audiences it…


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How to: Mix Design Thinking with Serious Play

I'd like to write here about our research at the University of Canterbury where at the School of Health Sciences, we have been designing and running workshops on design thinking in education and health. In these workshops, we are systematically examining how design thinking can lead to experience of the state of "Flow" among players. But more specifically, our approach to design thinking has involved a blending of the core principles of design thinking…


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Some Thoughts #1

It's been very busy the last few months. Heck... it's been busy the last few years.

And even though I feel like we just started exploring service design & design thinking I also just recently realized that we have been at it for quite a few years now. Are we still pioneers... explorers? Or are we turning into the establishment. No. I don't think we are there yet. Thank god. I would hate to stop being an explorer.

We have been testing our hypothesis on the value of a…


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Design-Thinking-book en español

Hola, me agrada compartir con vosotros/as el libro que he escrito sobre Design Thinking en español, donde relato mi proceso de pensamiento como diseñadora y muestro el resultado de la metodología aplicada a "contar qué es Design Thinking". !Espero se os resulte interesante!.…


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Announcement: Greenesign it! app is ready for download!

We are happy to announce that our first eco-app Greenesign it! is now ready for download at apple store. You can check it out here. All purchases qualify for a free…


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The Five Agreements of Business at the New Economics Frontier

This Design Thinking "it's Business Jim, but not as we know it!"

May it be “design thinking” or any other thinking model, “service design” or any other business model, as long as it empowers communities of practice, humanizes organizations and facilitates change, it is an entrepreneurial business at the leading edge of new economic frontiers. …


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Are you ready to innovate? Become a partner of an Innovation Program in Brazil

I had the opportunity to know Ljubow Chaikevitch, member of a non-profit-organization called deople Network e.V. in Germany.  She was really enthusiastic about an official non-profit-project called “Design Thinking in Brazil”.  They are organizing it with the co-operation of a group of coaches and certified Design…


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Branding through Social Media and Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a creative method that can serve us for solving complex problems within our own company. The success of this method consist in achieving better results with a multidisciplinary team which is focused in different kind of fields instead of one or more professionals with the same profile. It’s based on the idea that each professional can…


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The room was slowly filling up with the employees. One after the other they took their seats and didn’t look too pleased: the speech that I was about to be holding did interrupt the longed-for transition from their dinner to a well deserved drink at the bar! So this left me with the task to ensure that those snaring away during my talk would not animate the others to follow suit.…


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Service Design Pioneers, how are you?

I am writing this post because I am curious about the status of the early Service Design community, the pioneers of Service Design.


Tell me! How are you doing? What is the general feeling of what you’ve accomplished and where you are heading?


It has been 10 years or so since a new group, a new generation of professionals, started to develop and work within the field of what they called Service Design. These people, some just graduated, entered a field…


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Video: Think Like a Startup workshop

Here's a video impression of our "Think Like a Startup" sessions / game using the Startup Canvas and toolkit.

The session was held at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (dschool) Potsdam.

The aim of the session is to create a company that has a perfect conection between things like personal and company values, vision, culture, organizational model, partnerships, kpi's and incentives, mission, value proposition, touchpoints, customer needs, expectations, perceptions, values…


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Bad Boys Go to Heaven, SAP Mentors Go to SDN*


Photo-6 Computer owner: @lukemarson

Author: Andreea Hirica

The People Side of Highly Entropic Organizations…


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My Virtual Me (Acknowledging The Act Of Communicating)

MY VIRTUAL ME has taken her time  to decide to get out there. Firstly because I…


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Experience Design: Brands, Designers & People

Madrid, sept 2012


Designing emotions. Designing for human complexity.

"What are the motivations of a designer?, Why designers always want more?, Why designers feel…


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New Design Thinking postgraduate program in English at Elisava

A very frequent question we have received since MiDi (Masters degree in Research for Design and Innovation at Elisava) started is: are all classes taught in Spanish? And at present the answer is yes. But starting march 2013 MiDi goes Bilingual.

One group will be completely taught in…


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Thinking about Empathy (I)



"I know the joy of fishes in the river 

through my own…


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