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Smart Cities that Care - Salerno, Italy in association with IBM

Read an interesting article on a partnership between IBM and the City of Salerno in Southern Italy

Quoting the article below

"The city's management is planning citizen-focused innovations to provide new "intelligence" for existing infrastructure to optimize resources, improve services to citizens and businesses and make the city smarter and more efficient."

The full text of the article can be viewed on the following… Continue

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Healthcare Innovation by Design: Summary pages


I just created summary pages for my blog to make it easier to find content. I will create those summaries on a weekly basis and send them out on Monday mornings. The summaries for the first three weeks of HIxD are now up and running at Healthcare Innovation by Design.

All the best,

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Dallas facility will focus on how field data from hospitals and clinics can be mined to produce better patient outcomes.

We have probably talked about analyzing data before. I know there is a section of the Design Thinking community which does not realize the value of deep analytics. But that is where Extended Design Thinking comes in.

Quoting from the article

"With all the dynamic changes occurring in health care and the availability of new data from more sources, deep analytics unlocks new possibilities for improving the way health care is delivered by reducing risk, saving… Continue

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Designing a Smart Healthcare System - By Warren Wladawsky Berger

This blog references a very interesting perspective on designing a smart healthcare system by Warren Wladawsky Berger.

I am quoting Warren below.

The only way I can think of dealing with it is taking the approach from a systems viewpoint and to state a vision of a future state that you want: where do we want to be? Let’s start with the vision. Then you need leadership to get to that vision, and you have to have system thinking to try to solve the problem.”

Google… Continue

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Why the Social Web is a Healthhcare Tsunami

Link to the blog post. Sam

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Interesting Video about the growth of Social Media


Happy Holidays,

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myServicefellow - Defining touch points during a service jouney - Exiting possibilities

Marc Stickdorn has posted his draft of "5 principles of Service Design Thinking" being the introductory chapter on the latest book on Service Design "This Is Service Design Thinking"

I thought this would be a good time to talk about myServicefellow a tool to define touch points during a service journey. I would like this blog to be more of an iterative process. Kindly check out myService fellow at… Continue

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Google Wave a Tool for Co-Creation and Project Collaboration

Well, I have been playing a little with Google Wave to look at its capabilities.

What is a wave? I am quoting directly from Google

A wave is equal parts conversation and document. People can communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

A wave is shared. Any participant can reply anywhere in the message, edit the content and add participants at any point in the process. Then playback lets anyone rewind the wave to see who…

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Copenhagen Wheel - Timing, audience & branding

It was a joy to read about the Copenhagen wheel. Perfect timing for a release. An where can you get a better audience.

And look at the branding strategy.

I like this innovation for many reasons.

This will trigger other interesting and mind blogging piggyback innovations.

It had tremendous exposure and makes a very strong statement at an opportune time.

This is led by the young generation and that gives us great hope for the future

It is… Continue

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Virtual Christmas Trees

It is the Christmas season. Time to go out, cut a tree and get it installed at home and decorated.

Or get the good old artificial and and deck it up.

Reminds me of trying to make a Christmas tree look like a palm tree during my sojourn in the desert lands in the 80's

I thought it was cool but the wife and kids were not too impressed with dad's efforts.

But , I do remember when we tried outlandish themes as kids at home, mom was always impressed.

Looks it it has to do… Continue

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The joys of the succesful acceptance of a project

Today is a happy day for our Team.

We reached a milestone. It was the successful acceptance of a project.

The project was a gleam in the eye of the a design thinking team about 1.5 years ago.

Looking back I am trying to see what we did right to be where we are today.

I know we did a lot of things wrong, but the right things did outweigh the wrong things by a fair margin

And I am sure the goddess of luck smiled at us more than once as well

The start was… Continue

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guidePOD - Helping to lead blind or vision impaired people around obstacles.

The guidePOD is a module which can be worn on the arms, legs, chest, waist, head and walking sticks, to help lead blind or vision impaired people around obstacles.

The basic components of the guidePOD are as follows

Ultrasonic Sensor


Power Supply (Battery)

Alarming device

System Mounting Box slots for mounting bands

Arm, leg, waist, head or stick band

iPOD docking station is an option

These are all off… Continue

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gemPOD - Universal Generator Motor Module for the pemmPOD

Detailing the dream on the gemPOD

The gemPOD is the Prime Mover module for the pemmPOD a.k.a Personal Emotional Mobile

The basic building blocks of the gemPOD is the single wheel mounted to a tubular stub axle with an integral universal interface for power, communications and TTL.

This gemPOD attaches to the chassis and docks to the pemmPOD chassis.

The gemPOD serves as a motor as well as a generator.

So, it can be… Continue

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