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Most Contagious 2012

Ahead of his keynote at this year’s prestigious Most Contagious event in London on 12 December, Seymourpowell‘s co-founder and design director, Richard Seymour,…


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Seymourpowell design multiple-award-winning products & product identity for kt

Trio of red dot awards won for concept design and communication design

Two iF awards, and a Good…


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A Simple Template for Choosing an Innovation Challenge

People who practice collaborative innovation envision a compelling future. They transform their communities, their organizations, and themselves by helping people realize their potential for leadership as they form and evolve ideas. Reality check: effective visionaries use pragmatic tactics to move from point A to B.

In this…


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Bad Boys Go to Heaven, SAP Mentors Go to SDN*


Photo-6 Computer owner: @lukemarson

Author: Andreea Hirica

The People Side of Highly Entropic Organizations…


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The Startup Ecosystem Report 2012

Ranking and comparing the world’s top 20 startup hubs.
Said to see that Amsterdam is not listed.

Download the report here

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‘The Donky’ cargo bike

Part-BMX in looks, the Donky has removable racks that are mounted on a sturdy square-section beam that runs down the length of the bike. Although it looks different from other bicycles, the Donky Bike is a new way of designing utility or cargo bikes. It’s the work of British designer …


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The Power of Repair

We have all experienced the annoyance of failing products. We are pretty much guaranteed that everything we own will break at some point in the future. Some large things we will keep repairing for as long as possible (houses, cars etc.) mainly due to the expense of buying new ones. However, a lot of products that break on us are quickly thrown away. Whether this is…


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Entropic Civilizations in Search of the Alchemy of Meaning



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My Virtual Me (Acknowledging The Act Of Communicating)

MY VIRTUAL ME has taken her time  to decide to get out there. Firstly because I…


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Throwing Down the Gauntlet to the New Journalism

TEDxBrussels 2012. PART Two

image from

"These are…


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Design for Living


You can "read me" on p.40-45…


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Collective Action Group by Frog

"The Collective Action Toolkit (CAT) is a package of resources and activities that enable groups of people anywhere to organize, build trust, and collaboratively create solutions for problems impacting their community. The toolkit provides a dynamic framework that integrates knowledge and action to solve challenges. Designed to harness the benefits of group action and the power of open sharing, the activities draw on each participant’s strengths and perspectives as the group works to…


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Ascend Your Innovation Plateau: Think Leadership

People hit plateaus in their work, including people who practice collaborative innovation.

Feeling as if you’ve been walking on level ground for awhile?

How might you go higher?…


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UX design process

Very interesting design process by the Mozilla team for the redesign of the bookmarking function of Firefox.

Firefox and “save for later”

All browsers support two functions: searching and revisiting. My research questions whether constructs like bookmarks really are the right model to support revisiting. I worked closely with Mozilla user experience researchers and designers to rethink how Firefox can better offer “save for later” in the browser. Firefox front-end developers…


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A pill of inspiration: new bank?

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Design Insights: The Importance of materials

‘The Importance of materials,’ the fifth video in this ‘Design Insights’ series, features Richard Seymour, co-founder and design director of Seymourpowell, crediting much of his success as a designer from his fascination with materials.

Whether it’s a the Olympus Pen, a Navaho canoe, or the bows of Assyrian warriors –these demonstrate “the knowledge and experience and the way…


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Seymourpowell TV: London Design Festival 2012

November 2012

In this edition of the Seymourpowell TV series, we look back to London Design Festival 2012.

Interviews include:

Johnny Tucker

Editor, Blueprint Magazine

Tabitha Teuma

Editor, Midcentury Magazine

Richard Davies

Brand Director, The Sculpture House

What design and innovation trends have you noticed in London — and beyond — so far this year?

Tell us your thoughts by…


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Co-designing the healthcare

New article by Paola Pierri: "Co-designing the healthcare: the importance of the design process"  (…


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Article from Jonnhy Holland community about the intimate connection between user experience and brand value.

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