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Designing Extreme Customer Service

5-Stars to Chase for Designing Extreme Customer Service

With Hurricane Sandy tearing up to the mid-Atlantic, Chase Consumer Banking sent out an email that reflects the highest order of customer service.

The email described a package of temporary policies to meet the banking and financial needs and worries of customers in a crisis. I’m talking delay of deadlines, waiving of fees, access to aid,…


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Navigating the Fiscal Cliff: A Job for Collaborative Innovation

The practice of collaborative innovation brings the wisdom of the crowds to bear on the unknown: unpredictable scenarios where expert intuition leads people astray. The fiscal cliff that today confronts the U.S. and world economies qualifies.

In this…


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Seymourpowell Visits…


On a recent trip to Denmark, Seymourpowell design researches Jenna Singleton and Josh Wasserman had the great pleasure of experiencing the best of Copenhagen city living. Jenna and Josh were in town conducting ethnography interviews with ‘technology style leaders’ who, being generally hip and trendy, gave them some great tips of what to check out. Here’s what they…


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Barclaycard PayBand wins at Corporate Entrepreneur Awards 2012

Last week, Barclaycard was honoured for PayBand at the …


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Celebrating three years of collaboration with V&A

Seymourpowell is happy to be entering a third year of collaborative educational workshops with the V&A schools team throughout the 2012/13 academic year.

This year Seymourpowell will be running 10 extended DesignPro workshops, which will be held for students…


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Great Clients

Great clients lead from a vision, a sense of purpose, and a passion to engage both their staff and teams. That’s easy to say, but if you are a client, and you are swamped with the pressures and challenges of today’s problems – how on earth can you get to this elevated position? And as an Agency that relies on our Clients to be great to enable us to…


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Apple launches iPad mini – a reaction or trail blazer?

Following the announcement of Apple’s latest product – the iPad mini,…


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ROI of design?

It were tough times for me, being a designer and being employed at a company that defined it's reasoning based on financial indications, like turnover, gross margin, return on investment and so on. Eventually also you, as a designer, have to define your reasoning according to such parameters. Unavoidably the question on the 'return on investment' (ROI) will pop-up,like "What do I get back for every Euro I spent on design? Tell…


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lost designers?

The guys made a depressed impression, or maybe clueless, when I joined them at the bar. They seemed to have all agreed on the fact that something was changing fundamentally – and that it would involve all of them.

But as much as they were in for change, like in all those endless debates with clients and commissioners, the change happening right now was…


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Broken Interaction

Something that fascinates me in design, particularly way-finding and signage, is the struggle between something that is working as it should and something that isn't. The biggest observation is how to communicate that something isn't working, or is broken, and finding how a user will interact with that object if it is. No-one expects things to work all the time, then why are…


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PowerPoint Makes us Stupid: Never Mind the Slides, Here’s the World Café

People who work in the nuclear power industry track their lifetime exposure to radiation as a function of the maximum allowed by law. If only a benign regulatory agency would set limits for exposure to PowerPoint presentations. Lamentably, many would learn that they have exceeded the lethal dose.

In this…


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Guest Editor Issue #001 - Emma Pivetta

When coolhunting meets Innovation

by Emma Pivetta

photo by Bridget Flemming…


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In depth study on designers & designthinking inside orgaizations

In September 2012 Guido Stompff successfully defended his PhD thesis at the TU Delft, named "Facilitating Teamcognition. How designers mirror what teams do". The thesis is available at teamcognition.org

This PhD research is an in depth exploration of the practice of new product development (NPD).

To develop complex products, large…


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French Craftsmen. Designing the “Savoir-Faire”.

Author: Andreea Hirica


“The artisans are like alchemists: they have a unique ability of transcending the matter, of going deep into the research and experimentation. They are able to envision something within their mind and then bring it into reality with their hands and…


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Experience Design: Brands, Designers & People

Madrid, sept 2012


Designing emotions. Designing for human complexity.

"What are the motivations of a designer?, Why designers always want more?, Why designers feel…


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Seymourpowell design Barclaycard PayBand

Fully contactless payment system launched at Barclaycard Wireless Festival 2012

Seymourpowell is pleased to announce details of its design work for …


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Astute Graphics interview Dick Powell

Nicholas van der Walle, founder of Astute Graphics, recently came to the Seymourpowell studio to interview co-founder and design director Dick Powell. Watch the highlights in the three short videos…


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Design Insights: Making packaging sustainable

Making package sustainable, the fifth video in this Design Insights series, features Richard Seymour, co-founder and design director of Seymourpowell, discussing how the better approach to packaging is making it so it can be reused again and again. “My first rule of recycling is don’t,” Seymour says. “The first thing I want you to do is try to find ways to annihilate a sense of disposability…find ways to make things work much…


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They made the appointment together, father and daughter, in order to find out what the bachelor in design management is all about. Apparently she was looking for a study program in which she could follow her affinity towards creativity, whereas Dad seemed to have something in mind, which would lead to a solid job qualification, and would be of real value in the economy as he knows it. That’s why the ‘management’ in the program’s…


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Big Draw, Big Make at V&A

This past weekend on Sunday 30 September, Seymourpowell took part in the Big Draw, Big Make at London’s famous V&A museum, a day of talks and demonstrations by some of the UK’s top designers as part of …


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