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My Service Dream

I have just decided to share with you "My Service Dream".

I am looking forward for your comments on my idea!

Please "click" on the follow link to be directed to Slideshare.…


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Seymourpowell & Guardian Sustainable Business

In partnership with the team at Guardian Sustainable Business,…


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Taller, faster, thinner, lighter. Better?

Seymourpowell Associate Design Director, Matthew Cockerill, comments on last week’s iPhone 5 launch announcement:…


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culture mix

When I was a kid they dropped people on the moon for the first time ever, and I witnessed it all live on b&w television. I also witnessed that they dropped bombs on people living in sheds, in countries far-away, and that students, because of that, were revolting and were throwing stones at the police. Disturbing pictures, but also strong visions of a better society, with technology that would solve all problems and seem to…


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Trimming the Web Portal Kudzu

Organizations introduce web portals to help people share information and ideas. Time passes. Sites proliferate like kudzu climbing a pin oak.

What is the web gardener to do?


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Seymourpowell at London Design Festival 2012

The annual London Design Festival is a creative demonstration of the city’s fundamental role in global design. Starting next week on Monday, here is an overview of Seymourpowell’s presence at this year’s festival.

Global Design Forum…


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Google and Tate present: This Exquisite Forest

With Google’s Web Lab getting so much press recently, Seymourpowell interaction designer, Lee Carroll, felt their other project, This Exquisite Forest, also deserved a mention.

Currently on show at London’s …


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Richard Seymour pays tribute to Bill Moggeridge

To me, like to many who knew him, Bill’s untimely death came as a great shock to me personally, but that shock was followed immediately by anger.

Other than the considered words of his immediate peers from Cooper-Hewitt and IDEO, the web was immediately drenched with the same, cookie-cutter soundbite: Bill was ‘a…


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Contagious Opinion: London 2012 Olympics & Design

Given 2012 is THE year for sport, our friends at Contagious Magazine asked Seymourpowell to comment on the relationship between sport, design and technology at London 2012. Seymourpowell’s Head of User Research, Sam Crompton, and Design Researcher, Chloe Coulson, reported…


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Amazing opportunity for Educators to experience design thinking first hand in NYC with IDEO, Riverdale Country School and Parsons School of Design.  SIGN UP NOW!!!!…


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From OPEN IDEO - The Zombie Apocalypse

Scott Jenson presents in this article the drivers of future scenarios in which chips will contaminate all devices around us, allowing new interactions and possibilities.

You can find the article here.

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Bill Moggridge

Two videos about Bill Moggridge, someone we won't forget soon.

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Sustainability: Your next big innovation opportunity?

With increasing pressure on the world’s resources – through a complex bundle of sustainability issues such as climate change, material scarcity, toxic pollution, population growth, and increased consumption – the need for new thinking and creative

approaches is clearer than ever.

Chris Sherwin, Seymourpowell’s Head of Sustainability explains.…


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Can new integrated compact cameras challenge the dominant smart phone?

Nikon last week released its Coolpix s800c next generation camera with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and camera apps. Although this represents a technological step forward, Seymourpowell explains why it is an offer that might have surfaced too late in the…


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Making Collaborative Innovation Stick

People who practice collaborative innovation commit to transforming their communities and organizations in authentic ways. Through the practice, people realize their potential for leadership by posing the critical questions that matter and by convening peers to pursue the ideas that follow. And, let’s be honest: the practice takes a lot of work.

In this…


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Seymourpowell TV: Olympics and Design

In this edition of the Seymourpowell TV series, Sam Crompton, Head of User Research at Seymourpowell, examines to the role of design and innovation in the 2012 London Olympics.

There are 3 axis of design at the games, Crompton says: emotion, performance, and brand. Whether it’s Mo Farah’s.... …


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New Design Thinking postgraduate program in English at Elisava

A very frequent question we have received since MiDi (Masters degree in Research for Design and Innovation at Elisava) started is: are all classes taught in Spanish? And at present the answer is yes. But starting march 2013 MiDi goes Bilingual.

One group will be completely taught in English and the other one in Spanish. All workshops, lectures,…


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