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super conductor

For Rebecca :-)

Within some companies the design, be it for products, communication or service, seems to be conceived and executed by one single person: all just fits together perfectly. But…


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British Homes Awards - From the Daily Telegraph

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design orchestra

Music is fascinating, specially if performed in a symphonic fashion by a large orchestra: the careful interplay of the various instruments is able to create a sound so unique and refined, it can touch the very soul and bring you to tears. Music is so moving and stirring, unlike any other experience created through man-made products.…


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Winner: Homes of the Future - British Homes Award 2011

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Magical Nihilism, Cognitive Cities and a Mary Poppins World during the Copenhagen Design Week
















 Photo:  …


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Design to solve social problems

Modern architecture started with social concerns involving the improvement of living conditions for the majority of people. In recent years this appears to have been jettisoned in favour of treating buildings as a form of abstract art that promotes the architect. This needs to change in favour of producing buildings that are the best that they can be for the occupants.…


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Our Battle (Just some thoughts on what is changing and why)

I connected some random thoughts and I would love to know your opinion.


We think we are very modern and enlightened. And this might be true to a certain extend, but in many ways we are stuck in the eighteen hundreds. We are only now leaving the industrial revolution behind us. And in this period we designed the organizational systems we are now struggling with. All large companies and organizations where based on exploitation of people and/or resources... and they still…


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Car window turned into an interactive device

“Window to the world” is one of the many visions of how our very near future driving experience can look.

The vehicle’s windows turn into an interactive interface and the journey begins. What used to be a pane of glass provides us with information about landmarks and other objects as they go past. The window can be used as a canvas for drawings,…


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Reputation, Design Thinking & Corporate Architecture

Given reputation is the overall impression about a given company or brand stakeholders develop as a result of, among others, company actions and attitudes over time.

By now, almost everyone knows Reputation is even capable to generate positive feelings and supportive attitudes in such way they are capable to improve company’s performance and sustainability.



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Nuevo Grupo de Diseñadores de Servicios en Linkedin

Los invito a formar parte también de este nuevo grupo dentro del linkedin: Diseñadores de Servicios - Linkedin




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