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FAQS: Design Thinkers' Personal Questions


Before taking on any project or problem, a Design Thinker has to analyze the situation to try to get an overview and personal insight. A DT is not always going…


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ENV Bike on display at London Science Museum in Make it in Great Britain Exhibition

The award-winning ENV motorbike, as designed by Seymourpowell for leading power technology company Intelligent Energy in 2005, has gone on display in London’s Science Museum as…


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Sustainable design: so much more than software

Chris Sherwin, Head of Sustainability at Seymourpowell, discusses the importance of software tools in developing sustainable products, but suggests that sustainable design is so much more, as written in …


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Hotel sucht Gäste – bitte melden!

Service Design Blog

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CEOs are Designers

This is the presentation of my new BLOG: I hope you find necessary to talk about this issue as I do. 


"CEOs need to take action. The KSF of this Blog is to gaining the trust of CEOs and seniors managers in Designers and Design Thinking by creating confidence by simplifying their access to Design Thinking sources applied to multiple Innovative Business Models and through knowledge, facts and Best Practice related to Designers, Business Model…


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Add Your Ideas to OpenIDEO's Youth Employment Challenge!

The Challenge: How can we equip young people with the skills, information and…


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Depicting the Intent Behind Collaborative Innovation: the Grid

Intent guides the practice of collaborative innovation. What problem do we want to solve? What possibilities do we want to explore? In introducing his blueprint for collaborative innovation, innovation architect Doug Collins suggested applying the Balanced Scorecard as a simple, visual approach to start the conversation around intent. Recent practice with clients has him revisiting this guidance.…


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Design Thinking Resources

Hi Dear Colleagues:

I just posted some Design thinking resources and papers, and service design sites.


Design Thinking resources

Let me know if you have new resources, thanks!

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What is Design Thinking? CEOs & Innovation


CEOs are closer to designers than they think. In addition to design professionals, scientists, artists, architects, engineers ... Who are Design…


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Design Thinking an Innovation experts

Experience is essential in the practice of Design Thinking and, today, experts are design professionals who have practice DT systematically, being a KSF (Knowledge and Skills Framework) in their professions.

Design Thinking is not a practice learned in a manual nor a textbook: It needs to be internalized. Seriously: does anyone really believe that Design…


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Simplicity is the New Elegance

I've been reading a lot lately on the difficulty of simplicity... and the elegance design thinkers can bring to the world through perfecting this discipline.  Think of the government or any regulated industry, and complexity abounds!  

Creative innovations can take the complex and turn it into simple for the customer.  To be sure, this is a difficult task and one you can often overlook while in your own profession.  Your experience, baggage and history in what you do often…


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Don't Be A Drone...DIVERGE!

Corporate Fellas: Shiny Happy People …


Added by Aaron A. Palileo on July 12, 2012 at 4:54 — 2 Comments

Professor of Service Design Opportunity

SCAD Savannah is seeking a full-time Professor of Service Design.

The service design program is the newest addition to a progressive platform of programs within the SCAD School of Design that includes interaction design, industrial design, design management and design for sustainability.


SCAD is the first university in the United States to offer B.F.A. and M.F.A. degree programs in service design. With demand for highly strategic service designers on the rise, these…


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Critical reviewers needed for book: Getting Value From IT Projects

I am writing a book for Gower, entitled, Getting value from IT projects: an essential guide for business managers.

I would like to find some people to review the first drafts of chapters as I write them. My background is not design, so input from members of this network would be particularly useful. If you want to help, make contact and we can figure out how best to do it. I write on Google Docs, so if you have a Google Account, you can read the…


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What does a designer do in 2012?

What is the difference between a 2012 designer and an old fashion designer?
a) The context has changed.We all live in constant transformation. 
b) The universal language is a visual language. Visual mental mapping is required to visualice the future.
c) This is the century of the people: this is a persons' world
d) We are pragmatic and creative. At the same time.
Why the designer…

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