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Finding Your D. Money: the Three C’s of Critical Question, Community & Commitment

We prize our time. People who practice collaborative innovation know they cannot monopolize the waking hours of their sponsors and communities. In this article innovation architect Doug Collins explores the three C’s of critical question, community, and commitment. Practitioners raise the odds that everyone involved in collaborative innovation will view their time as well spent when they help sponsors address the three C’s…


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Seymourpowell visits…



Following a recent research trip to Dubrovnik, Seymourpowell design researcher Chloe Amos-Edkions feeds back some interesting finds.

Whilst walking down the main street during my time there, I was approached by a girl who handed me a small....…


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Seymourpowell’s reading list…

Seymourpowell’s reading list represents some our favourite magazines, journals, and books. These carefully selected titles are to us both interesting and inspiring and we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do…

The Blizzard

The Blizzard takes an intelligent look into the world of…


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Let's get intimate

"Marketing in dead" believes Kevin Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi CEO: "there is nothing new anymore", "our kids are connecting to each other and to brands across the world with no money involved. To us this a world that`s gone crazy" he says.…


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Another key milestone for green innovation?

Chris Sherwin, Head of Sustainability at Seymourpowell:

As Head of Sustainability at leading design and innovation company Seymourpowell, I try to keep a keen eye out for signals of sustainable innovation scaling up. So it certainly caught my eye that last month’s Fast Company had an article naming Chinese environmental…


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Experience Corps


Here’s the big idea:

            "Society meets its greatest challenges by making full use of…


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Crazy Energy in Eindhoven: Workshop

Click on the image to see our Facebook page and register now!

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The Imaginative Rationality

I`ve already explained my ideas about creativity, designers and …


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Design Thinking Coach

It has been a while since I haven´t post anything on this blog. It looks like someone (me) has forgotten completely about it but I know that I should be writing more because I have quite some things to share and may be this post will make me start doing something now!

Well I was pretty worried when I first got back home to Chile from Australia because I know…


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Applying Collaborative Innovation to Agile Software Development

The agile model for coding software rewards developers with more satisfying work and clients with more useful applications, sooner. Software developers who embrace agile principles face two challenges, however. We work globally: people cannot collocate. We source work by fiat: teams cannot gel to pursue challenges that engage them. In this article innovation architect Doug Collins explores how people can apply the practice of collaborative innovation as a means to realize the promise that agile… Continue

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Seymourpowell TV: Milan in Perspective 2012


In this edition of the Seymourpowell TV series, Seymourpowell’s Mariel Brown and Karen Rosenkranz from Seymourpowell’s Research, Trend and Strategy Team, take a wide-angle look at the highlights of Milan 2012 and explore the broader relationships between cutting-edge design and the cultural trends which surround them.

Thanks to the V&A, …


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Do you have leadership skills? If not, it's going to be tough in future, because next to professional specialists (like electricians and plumbers) it are 'leaders' the economy is after! In view of the many, many wicked problems facing us, it takes true leaders to guide us into a better future.

That's why most graduates, upon starting in a professional career, immediately are…


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