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New dispense suit for Guinness by Seymourpowell

Seymourpowell has finally revealed the…


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system failure

Our world is a system that contains many sub-systems: the oceans, the forests, the climate – all are complex, fragile and well calibrated organisms with a system character. If one of the parts is not running well, the others will suffer as well: one weak spot will influences the overall performance. Systems can repair themselves, once they are not running well – unless the weak spot is getting larger than the…


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The CFO: the Innovator’s Best Friend

The front end of innovation offers organizations engagement. Engaged people bring more of their gifts to the table. The back end of innovation offers organizations ideas that, when implemented, bring relative advantage. Each idea has its own story of relative advantage and risk. How do you tell the back end story in a valid, credible way?



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Materials Technology: an interview with Marcus Fairs

Seymourpowell has interviewed Dezeen's editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs who speaks about affordable 3D printing and scanning. Apart from that, Marcus…


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Applied Design Thinking for a Social Project

Applied Design Thinking for a Social Project

At our Master of Design (MDes) course, we recently had the opportunity to work with a live project to learn and practice design thinking skills. It's the full report about our project and therefore a bit lengthy. Have fun flicking through... 

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We're hiring a service designer!

Things are going well at Koos HQ. This means we're growing and we're hiring!

Are you the one genius service designer who will enrich our team with all your skills, competences and personality?

Check out the details in the PDF!

Koos is hiring a service designer



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Designed By Removal: The Invention Of The Baseball Hand Signal & How A Deaf Man Changed The Game Forever

Like an epidemic, a baseball craze hit New York City in the summer of 1865. Suddenly, a game played only in the streets by factory workers was being called a “national pastime” by local journalists. Baseball was bringing Americans together, a year later there would be sixteen area clubs…


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Two Years at the Coalface: A Miner Reflects

For two years our columnist Doug Collins has shared with us his exploration of the practice of collaborative innovation.

Today, at this anniversary, we announce the release of volume 2 of his Innovation Architecture series, an exciting and deeply thought-provoking book whose cover is depicted in the headline graphic for this…


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Design Through Humility

Have you ever wondered why children pick up on things so quickly? Think of it, they learn an entire language with no previous knowledge of communication. Whereas with adults, it often takes years to comprehend a new concept.

Adult’s inability to learn comes from our ingrained attitude and past experience. What prevents people from learning is not the subject itself, but the rigidity we accumulate from past experience. This could manifest itself in the form of superiority whenever we…


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Engineering For Change

Engineering for Change provides a forum to connect, collaborate, solve challenges and share knowledge among a growing community of engineers, technologists, social scientists, NGOs, local governments and community advocates, who are dedicated to improving the quality of life all over the world.…


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Pre-Milan fair 2013

Watch a special pre-Milan Fair review featuring Carl de Smet, Belgian designer and engineer, who creates self assembling furniture. The key feature of his technique is the ability to grow from compact form to a pre defined design in several minutes.…


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The New Industrial Revolution: 3D printing and rapid prototyping

Matthew Cockerill, Associate Design Director at Seymourpowell, shared his views on the democratization of product development highlighting the opportunities of 3D printing and affordable 3D printers. 

''3D printing is evolving but its output at this point is mainly suitable for rapid prototyping. It’s good for getting parts you’ve created in 3D CAD into a physical form without expensive tooling or days of…


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The Drum Design 100 2013

Good news: 'The Drum' has ranked Seymourpowell number two in the client poll of  the 2013 design 100. To find more information on The Drum Design100 visit their …


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