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Narratives of travel: Telling it to the self

When does an experience become a story?

Anyone travelling loves to tell stories. During travel, after the journey, whenever resting around a campfire. But these stories are more connected than you might think, although they are told at different points and places within the travel experience, using different voices and stances. Together they form a typical narrative. Pre-tour narratives are carried throughout the journey, shaping and scripting the journey. Whatever happens…


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The Muppet Show, or the problem with Keynotes…

Okay, before I start this (mild) rant I’ll give you a little context.

I speak at conferences and struggle with it every time. Why? Insecurity? Yes for sure. I also always wonder if I really have something interesting to say. And don’t like to give the same talk twice and get bored with my own story. I do feel comfortable being on a stage though. I’ve played in a band for many, many years and I’ve done stand-up comedy (all pre-YouTube & Facebook… thank goodness ;-) ). I like it up…


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10 steps to success in ‘Design & Innovation’

Having a good ‘design & innovation’ strategy is of paramount importance for an enterprise’s success. While many strive hard to change the way they engage with their customers to create innovative products & services; very few succeed in achieving that objective. Why is it tough to build products with emotional touch and human connect? Why is it difficult to stay innovative and constantly deliver value to the customers?

The answer lies in the approach we take. There…


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Happy New Year!

I’m back from vacation, and a very traditional Dutch vacation it was. My family and I spend 3 weeks in France, as you do when you’re Dutch. We spend most of our time on the beautiful islands Ile Noirmoutier en Ile de Ré on a camp-site, on the beach and biking around without helmets or protective gear (also very Dutch), freaking out the car loving people of France.

When you have children a camp-site is great… kids make friends, spend most of the time outside so mum and dad can…


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Design thinking - making the leap

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Of recent months I have had a number of people in their early career reach out to me and ask the question ‘How do I get a job in design thinking?’ Whilst I understood what they were asking, it is still slightly an odd question considering ‘design thinking’ is an approach not a…


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DesignThinkers Academy aterriza en la Innovation Kitchen

A partir de Septiembre, Barcelona recibe a DesignThinkers Academy y todos su programas de formación ejecutiva y actualización para empresas.

Programas de Coaching personalizado en Service Design y herramientas de innovación, in-company training y talleres abiertos sobre Diseño de Servicios, Customer Journey Mapping, Negociación Empática, Diseño de…


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Innovation Architecture to Offer Fail-Safe Service for Decommissioning SharePoint Sites

Every knowledge management garden requires the occasional, judicious weeding…

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Job Opening Hogeschool van Amsterdam - docent Online Onderzoek

(Dutch) Job opening at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam - docent Online Onderzoek

HvA-Docent Online Onderzoek vacature

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Nieuw: Experience design for hostels and B&B

Experience Design for Hostels and Bed & Breakfast


Including locative- and urban gaming for hostels!

General information

Click here for abbreviated outline.

Experience Design for low-budget or small hostels!

Have a hostel.. big one, small one, familiy… Continue

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World Information Architecture Day - Call for participantion

World IA Day is a one-day conference aimed at bringing the Information Architecture community together.

On February 20th, 2016, we’ll be celebrating the fifth annual World IA Day in cities across the globe. It's a fun day to learn from world-class IA minds, network with people passionate about IA, and showcase your new IA-related ideas. It's also a fantastic opportunity to host talks with content tailored specifically to your local community and in your local…


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Don't call me wicked: reconsidering the term 'wicked problems'

(Re:posted from

As human-centred design enters all facets of industry vernacular and we buoy up the sales of post-it notes globally I kindly ask you to stop to pause for one moment and reflect.

Imagine a 16-year-old…


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Using Computer Systems in your Business? --- Are you one of the organisations that loses as much as you gain?

We are all very accustomed to the benefits one can gain by embracing the ever rising gains offered various new digital technologies.

In the early years we justified investments by comparing system costs with efficiency gains from staff cost savings.  Most early systems were transaction based and centred on Financial records and calculations. As digital applications have matured we can now exploit digital for many more situations, particularly where we can glean the following…


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Method Mondays: Never Stop Learning. 5 Methods For Innovation You Should Try In Your Team

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” 

At the Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC) at SAP we frequently organize the so-called “Method Mondays”, a regular one-hour meeting series in which the team members share, practice, and test…


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Innovation Management Maturity: A Simple, Visual Approach

Thinking along the lines of practice and program maturity…


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Creating a 'We Culture' through Participation

Is the term ‘participation economy’ just a way in which brand strategists and marketers engage with a generation consumed by their world of abundance or a frame from which to design a new future? Whilst I tiptoe around my near non-existent knowledge of economics, I consider the many contexts we see this play out in. With the millennial generation before us and a generation at their heels that will consist of multiple sub-generations not constricted by a label, we see a product of a rapidly…


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Removing Jargon from your 'Toolbox'

I’m on the exciting journey of connecting with new and interesting people having recently relocated to Tokyo for my Husband’s job. Moving to a new country where of course most people’s first language is not English, presents interesting challenges across the ‘settling in’ requirements.

One challenge it has uncovered is my need to adjust my reliance on jargon when speaking in a professional setting. Whilst this is something I consciously practice when speaking to different audiences it…


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5 ways to manage your impact

I was fortunate to listen to Hervé Ladsous, Under-Secretary-General and Head of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations speak at the UN University in Tokyo earlier this year. He was gracious as he answered an array of serious questions from the audience questions on Boko Haram, Dafur and Afghanistan. The…


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DesignThinkers Academy Network Newsletter - May

The May issue of the DesignThinkers Academy Network Newsletter is out! The DesignThinkers Academy Newsletter is the easiest way to keep up-to-date on the workshops and trainings organized by DT Academy but also by members of DT Academy Network working in the Service Design Thinking field all around the world. Check the following link:



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Design Thinking Workshop to improve Mumbai local train journey experience

2 days Hands on Workshop on Design Thinking was truly an insightful experience. It was unique in collabrating Goverment (Mumbai Railway Officials), Private Organisation (Tinker Labs), Design Institute ( ISDI Parsons Mumbai) and Design Enthusiasts to INNOVATE Mumbai Local train Journey Experience employing Design Thinking. Striking features of the Workshop were sheer fun & excitement during entire process of innovation, experientel learning  & abundant opportunity to network…


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QUESTION: What is the relevance of Design Thinking for organizations and companies?

ANSWER: Design thinkers are able to use creativity to effectively develop solutions to problems. This is at the heart of most modern businesses and organisations – enabling them to better adapt to change and identify new…


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