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3D printing out of this world

On the 31 January 2013 the European…


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Seymourpowell Visits…


On a recent trip to Vancouver – a city that is less known to us for its touristy fame, yet truly deserving a spot on our map – Seymourpowell design researcher Sonia Wang came across a few must-see stores.

Meat & Bread…


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Adventures in San Francisco and Buenos Aires

Exploring what ‘everyday adventure’ means to different people around the world, Seymourpowell has again teamed up with the mobile communications leader and the team at DesignStudio to create another two new short films.

In these two new films, Seymourpowell traveled with Nokia and DesignStudio to the vibrant cities of San Francisco and Buenos Aires to talk to people…


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Google Glasses – an insight into the possibilities they bring

Sam Crompton, Head of User Research at Seymourpowell, on the latest developments around Google Glasses

I’ve always wanted glasses. I’m one of those people who actually want glasses rather than need them, so I am delighted that Google is…


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Enviu and Trendwatching.com’s 2013 predictions

Will 2013 become the year when consumers turn into presumers  andcustowners, and will their demand increase for more transparency from companies? With your mobile phone will you buy the coolest products from emerging countries? Have you already heard about products with ‘new life inside’?...…


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DesignThinkers Workshop at Digital Shoreditch Festival

DesignThinkers UK has proposed a FREE StartUpLab workshop at this years Digital Shoreditch Festival - "From Design Thinking to Doing Business" will be a hands-on Co-Creation Session focused on discovering the value of Service Design Thinking tools and mindset. In this high energy session we will introduce you to Scenario Building, Value Co-Creation and Value Network Mapping because business should be all about creating real value with and for people. If you want to come along visit the…


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Four of Five Social Innovators Recommend…

Gartner predicts that four of five large enterprises that pursue social innovation with their employees and the world at large will, over the next couple years, fail in their endeavors. Ouch. Meatloaf gave better odds.

In this…


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We MUST fight to change the proposed Design and Technology curriculum

At Seymourpowell, we’re eager to loudly echo calls from the Design & Technology Association in reaction to the…


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Open vs Closed

Commentary from Seymourpowell Design Researcher Sarah Johnson.

The principal political conflict for the 20th century was left vs right, this century it’s open vs closed” Alec Ross.

Open source technology harnesses the power of…


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In Conversation with Richard Seymour

Seymourpowell’s co-founder Richard Seymour discusses emotional ergonomics and the future of design.

Interview in association with Richard’s appearance the 2012 Sleep Event, the leading European Hotel Design Conference and the European Hotel Design Awards, 21 – 22 November 2012, London....…


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Design Insights: Removing the irrelevant

‘Removing the irrelevant’, the eighth video in this Design Insights series, features Richard Seymour, co-founder and design director of Seymourpowell, explaining why it’s important for designers to strip the “noise in the background” and instead focus on the principles that are working.

“You shouldn’t be putting more into something than it needs,” Seymour says. “But the fact is, the need maybe an…


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An Innovative Path To A Greener Future

As first printed in Marketing Week magazine recently, Chris Sherwin, Head of Sustainability at Seymourpowell explains why innovation is a better route to sustainable behaviour than communications.



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The Persuasive Innovator: Influencing People to Collaborate

When you introduce the practice of collaborative innovation to your organization, you make the case to your colleagues that the approach will benefit them more than the status quo. Why might they agree with you? Why might they change their beliefs and behaviors? Have you developed your campaign of persuasion?

In this…


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Design Thinking literature

I just received this interesting announcement with a reference to design thinking literature:

"Dear Colleagues,

This is to let you know that I have just posted "The Bibliography Behind A Theory of Design Thinking" at independent.academia.edu/charlesburnette. It lists over 50 years of publications organized by date to allow scanning for emphasis on different topics as they emerged since the early sixties. It provides an extensive listing of references in cognitive science of…


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Service Design Pioneers, how are you?

I am writing this post because I am curious about the status of the early Service Design community, the pioneers of Service Design.


Tell me! How are you doing? What is the general feeling of what you’ve accomplished and where you are heading?


It has been 10 years or so since a new group, a new generation of professionals, started to develop and work within the field of what they called Service Design. These people, some just graduated, entered a field…


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Vision of a Future Life

Seymourpowell works on the mantra that innovation is best achieved by “stepping into the future and pulling the present towards you”. So for our Head of Sustainability, Chris Sherwin, this Siemens film certainly caught…


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