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Engaging in Real-Time Collaborative Innovation: From Share of Mind to Share of Market

 I continue to be amazed by the gifts people bring to the table, above and beyond whatever their title or role might indicate.…


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Call for work stories!

I am a designer and a researcher from the University of Warwick, UK, and I need your help.
I am working on my MA project and exploring patterns in designers careers and a phenomenon of switch from technical to managerial paths. Another question that I would like to highlight is an assumption that nowadays a designer has no choice but to become a manager eventually in order to reach the apex of the career ladder.

I am looking for designers to conduct a preliminary…


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A Father’s Guide to the Future of Work

Chief strategist Charlie Bangbang has experienced the first evolution of his practice of collaborative innovation at Dirty Maple by applying the blueprint.

What lessons does he take about innovation management? About crowdsourcing? About leadership?…


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DesignThinkers Group in San Francisco, July 25-29

I am one of the DesignThinkers USA partners and will be in the Bay Area from 23-29 July. I'll be doing a workshop on the 23-24th. The rest of my stay is all about meeting new people.

If anyone on the DT Network is out in the San Francisco area or knows someone I should meet while out there, please let me know. We are looking to expand our team and network of partner organizations. We want to build collaborative, trusting relationships with people who are passionate about the power of…


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Network Guide
Love What You Do

This post is partly in response to a comment on my previous post, partly in response to a conversation I had with a friend about to leave a company she founded and partly because of my own restless mind.


I've been here before.…


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Measuring the Practice of Collaborative Innovation

How might we measure our practice of collaborative innovation? What story do we tell by the factors we identify and the indicators we track? Does the plot interest our audience?…


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Network Guide
Some Thoughts #1

It's been very busy the last few months. Heck... it's been busy the last few years.

And even though I feel like we just started exploring service design & design thinking I also just recently realized that we have been at it for quite a few years now. Are we still pioneers... explorers? Or are we turning into the establishment. No. I don't think we are there yet. Thank god. I would hate to stop being an explorer.

We have been testing our hypothesis on the value of a…


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(Dutch spoken) This high energy 4-hour course will give you a common level of understanding of the Service Design Thinking principles, key tools & terminology. The focus of this course will be on this hands-on part, learning by doing. The tool we will practice on these dates is: Customer Journey Mapping.

A customer journey map is built up layer by layer. We start ‘above water’, with the customer and slowly dive deeper and deeper into…


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Seeking Your Fresh Thinking: OpenIDEO Youth Mentor Challenge


As we dive into the Ideas phase of our Youth Mentor Challenge, we have been energised by a truly dynamic library of insights, stories…


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Going forward, I will place myself more in the role of “question master.”

What might a virtuous circle of collaborative innovation look like?

In this episode, our protagonists Charlie and Frankie review how the design of their practice reinforces itself from strategy to…


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(English spoken) Learn how to apply Service Design Thinking to the rapid innovation of customer experiences in multi-channel product-service ecosystems. The Executive Summer School in Barcelona ‘THIS IS SERVICE DESIGN DOING’ is planned in the week of July 14th – July 18th 2014. (Facilitated by the co-authors of the award-winning book: ‘This is Service Design Thinking’)…


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Are all ideas created equally? How might we tie the right metrics to the right ideas?

In this episode, Charlie shares with Frankie a map for how the organization might track the ideas surfaced through the Idea Mill Program. Are all ideas created equally? How might we tie the right metrics to the right ideas?

Last fall our columnist the innovation architect Doug Collins began the tale of how the…


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Design-Thinking-book en español

Hola, me agrada compartir con vosotros/as el libro que he escrito sobre Design Thinking en español, donde relato mi proceso de pensamiento como diseñadora y muestro el resultado de la metodología aplicada a "contar qué es Design Thinking". !Espero se os resulte interesante!.…


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Last days Early Bird Registration for The Executive Summer School in Barcelona ‘THIS IS SERVICE DESIGN DOING’



(English spoken) Learn how to apply Service Design Thinking to the rapid innovation of customer experiences in…


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No Margin, No Mission: Funding an Innovation Management Program

In this episode, the leaders of the Idea Mill Program for Collaborative Innovation engage Dirty Maple CEO Harry Lundstrom to secure funding for the long term.

How might the organization fund a…


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Service Design Thinking - BRAZIL

I'm so happy with the result and I would like to share with you my interview published at Touchpoint Magazine - Service Design Network. It is a summary of recent years than has happened in the field of Service Design Thinking in Brazil.

Erico Fileno, M.Sc.
Welab Design and Innovation

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Building Advocacy for Collaborative Innovation

The Dirty Maple Flooring Company Enters the Digital Age: Part 15

Part fifteen of the series finds our protagonist Charlie Bangbang mulling sustainability.…


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What a surprise! Just when he was ready to pay the customer took a final glance at the bill and noticed that the prices changed: not the 21 euro for the main dish, but 32,50; not the 9,50 for the dessert, but 15,80… Upon inquiring why the difference, he got a straight answer back – „the kitchen crew needed more time than planned and that’s why the the costs have increased!“…


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Die Multichannelfalle

Ist es Ihnen auch schon aufgefallen, dass immer mehr Unternehmen versuchen ihr stationäres Angebot mit ihrer Onlinepräsenz zu einem Multichannel-Erlebnis für ihre Kunden zu verbinden?

Unser Leben hat sich in vielen Bereichen durch das sich ständig weiterentwickelnde Internet innerhalb…


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