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Personas, Journey Mapping & thoughts on implementing Design Thinking

 - I participated in a series of articles on Personas and Customer Journey Mapping published by my good friends at MyCustomer. You’ll find some snippets of my writing, and other authors, in these articles. This is the first article.


But I thought it would also be good to share my contribution in one article.…


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We don’t need another design conference – do we?

Are you tired of attending design conferences? Do you miss productive and sustainable sessions? Do you wish for inspiration that has an impact on your work and vision?


Then you should consider attending the “Design at Business” conference 2016 in Berlin.

It is not just about design, not just for designers, but rather addresses all design-minded people wishing to work…


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We don’t ask very good questions, do we?

Why do people struggle to identify and articulate the question that seemingly is top of mind? The question, which, if asked, might lead to real transformation?…


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Training Startup Experience: Sneller innoveren met startup tools

Bedrijven en organisaties vragen steeds vaker naar mensen met ondernemende vaardigheden. Ondernemend zijn is een manier van kijken naar de wereld: kansen creëren en pakken waar anderen obstakels zien, risico’s nemen waar anderen op zeker gaan. In welke bedrijfstak of baan je ook…


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What the Google Maps Lady Knows: Sustainability, Innovation, and the App Economy

Google Maps has cut my travel time—and the number of miles I drive—by some small, yet significant amount. I hesitate to estimate an overall number for myself. Aside from letting me avoid the occasional, car-idling traffic jam, I suspect it’s a mile here, a mile there, a minute here, a minute there.



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No “I” in Team, But Two in Innovation

The practice of collaborative innovation is the means by which we realize our potential for leadership. …


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Why the craft of design is so dynamic and exciting – SAP’s recap of Interaction16

Interaction 16, the premier design event organized by Interaction Design Association, brought together about 1000 design professionals, leaders, students and volunteers for three days of workshops and lectures as well as the IxDA Interaction Awards reception in Helsinki, Finland.


This year’s overarching theme was the next wave of interaction design as a craft and as profession as well as the future of design…


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Stanford University: An Academic Perspective on Innovation Practices at the DCC

Today I am talking to three researchers from Stanford University, one of the world’s leading research universities. Brandi M. Pearce and Sara Winterstorm Värlander visited the Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC) based at the SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg in March 2014. For their study…


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Design thinking for Creative Confidence

I spent one week with 25 students from different disciplines at European institute of Design in Rome, (IED Rome University). Every year the university holds the event called IED Factory where a cross-pollination of skills and backgrounds mingle to boost creativity, diversity and collaboration. Twelve workshops take place and the students are bound to deliver a final project after an intense week of activities. I designed the workshop to introduce the Design…


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Made ( is a design and innovation studio based in Antwerp, Belgium. We combine insights from the observation of human behavior with opportunities of technology to design inspiring new products, interfaces and services. We are a young, dynamic and prize-winning team of ambitious design thinkers. We strive to always exceed the expectations of our clients and to improve the quality of life of all stakeholders involved.

Our creative approach to strategic challenges is well…


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Amsterdam based Design Thinkers Academy announces the first US located Design Thinkers Bootcamp

Amsterdam based Design Thinkers Academy has announced the College of Charleston will be the location of the first Design Thinkers Bootcamp to be held in the US.

Design Thinking is a formal method for practical, creative resolution of complex problems based upon the essential elements of empathy…


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The DesignThinkers Academy Newsletter is the easiest way to keep up-to-date on the training sessions organized by DT Academy but also by members of the DT Academy Network working in the Service Design Thinking field all around the globe. If you would like to contribute to the next issues of the Newsletter, please contact us through email (

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Wind Of Change - Deutsche Bank uses open innovation to develop future scenarios for premium customer services

2015 was the year the finance landscape saw a drastic increase in new players entering the market and offered a wide range of great services that none of the more established banks yet have been able to offer. New solutions and companies popped up up almost every week and…


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Geheimnis gelüftet! Was Kunden wirklich wollen.

Wer ist das denn „ein Kunde“, wo trifft man ihn, was ist ihm wichtig, wem vertraut er, wen respektiert er, welche Sprache spricht er und vor allem, was will er?…


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The secret unveiled! What customers really want.

Who really is „a customer“, where do you meet him, what’s important to him, who does he trust, who does he respect, what language does he speak and, most importantly, what does he want?…


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Applying Collaborative Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing: an Example of Lean

Achieving authentic transformation across the manufacturing enterprise can seem as challenging as playing a competitive game of Jenga® in woolen…


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Collaborative Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing: Just Getting Started

Advanced manufacturers—people who make “things”—face the same challenges in the Digital Age as their counterparts that traffic wholly in bits and bytes. Relentless immediacy. Increased transparency.…


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Going Once, Going Twice, Going Three Times: Selling Your Idea

Can you depict your idea on a page

Can you depict your idea visually in a way that your audience can grasp with little to no effort?…


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The Worst Portfolio ever

Check 'The Wost Portfolio ever' an interesting post by Alex Cornell, with funny and ironic indication about how NOT to design a personal…


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Making the Link between Innovation Management and Sustainability

RobecoSAM finds a tie between the two through its work on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

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