What about education? Social design for school and university methodologies

Internet and digital supports have entered private houses and changed completely the way people interact with information and communication.

The hyperlink is the best metafore of this model: everything is connected and immediately available.

But I have the impression that public education is missing a big opportunity for innovation.

Do you know any case of governments, public administrators or private researchers dealing with the future context and possibility of education.

And how service design can impact in the organization of methodologies and tools we use to trains kids, teenagers and university students.

For the future of wellbeing for nations and people, well learned and educate citizens will make the difference in the global competitions of economies.

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I don't think that internet or other technologies are the biggest change to come in education.  Actually, I think that these technologies have already entered and are permeating the school system, albeit slowly and with limited effect. 

Where I think the biggest change lies ahead, and certainly technology can play a role there, is in the complete overhaul of the programmes and even the basic principles upon which the education system is based.  An example is the use of Appreciative Inquiry in the KT Scholengroep (Belgium) which has led to user-driven (the students have a say in the programme), experience-based (from experience to observation to abstraction to experimentation), digital education.  Check out www.cego.be (in Dutch, unfortunately) or contact Ronny Vanderspikken (ronny.vanderspikken@kt-scholengroep.be) for more info. 


thanks for your help! I'm also currently following some research coming from the MIT and similar researcher like Ken Robinson, really dealing with the point of view of young students, maybe can be interesting also for you

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2. Ken Robinson, Changing Paradigms, RSA talk



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