New book on social innovation with design tools for TAIK Publications

FYI: We (me and Mariana Salgado) are editing a new book on how design can improve everyday life, health, environmental issues, social cohesion and sustainability.  We are working with Taik Publications to produce the book.  Hopefully, it will be ready 2012. I'll keep this group posted about the work and in some point hopefully, we'll have a way to include some interaction in editing  process. There is need to revisit and broaden the concept of social design. How can service design, interaction design and user centered design increase the innovation potential in the public and the third sector? What kind of practical means can different design methods offer for social change? How can social design can be integrated into design education? How to understand and communicate social design concerns to a broader audience? The goal is to gather different points of views that relates to design research work done in Finland and abroad on social design in order to open up a theoretical and practical discussion. Framing the concept and deepening on the methods used by designers is our way to contribute to the actual considerations on social innovation.

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Willing to know when pusblished.

Great initiative!  How is this progressing?  How open is this project for others to contribute??  Is there something that you could share already???? (a paper, an extract, an outline/mindmap of the contents) - @cdn

I've been busy with Service Design with Theory book and this has been sleeping. Marjana Salgado is editing this with me and we just discussed that we should push this further. Ideas &contributions are welcome!


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