of course with service design methods

I was emailing and tweeting with Arne about mini-unconference. As a result of following SDN 09 conference writings, which were great and output of Nick Marsh I started thinking about something like about a community based event with self organizing structure. We spend lot of effort on conference admin and outcome of watching talking heads may be super poor. Also people pay the conference fee to learn > maybe the participation on the field would teach the most!

1. Contacting an organization, which is working with a certain service challenge with a community
2. Setting a group at Wenowski who wants to participate
3. Organising our roles in the group amoung who participates?

Does this sound crazy or what!?

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I'm in.
Maybe ad a number 4. share outcome's, insights. Create a format we can share this data.
What about that?
A thought:

Shall we set a theme for (let's say) next year. This theme will be the topic of all (or a series of) small/local unconferences during this period. This way we collect a lot of ideas/ data / solutions we can more easily compare.

A topic could be Loneliness, poverty, social cohesion (Inner City Project)... what do you think?
I am in.
While in principle, it is great, it would be very useful if we can involve organisations and companies in non european areas as well. I am based in india and do see value for such an approach.
However there is much work to be done to get organisations onboard
That's great. And I agree. We should not be limited to Europe.

And part of this project will be figuring out how to get organizations onboard. How to organize ourselves.
It will probably be helpful if the unconferences are part of an international effort connected to some official sounding companies/ agencies and universities.
Indeed, the international event effort could perhaps be built on the lines of MoMo to begin with.
With regard to agencies, universites and industry forums, I would be very keen to explore how this could be expanded in india.
Yes, that would be worth exploring. It's a very successful model. And I know the people who organise it in Amsterdam.

But most important is to keep the individual unconferences small, local and focused. But together we'll quickly get a wealth of information and inspiration.
I'm in. Recently started with a research project "Meaningful Urban Design" (in Dutch: Betekenisvol Ontwerpen in de Stad). So I am very interested in sharing ideas and results with other designers.
You read my mind ;-)
The project starts sounding really good. I'm totally in for Amsterdam. I think that if we could use Amsterdam to work out a format and prototype the format in reality. If we manage to formulate community based event once with organization+community+company, in a win-win format this would be really great.

Of course, there has also been discussion how to prototype social design structures, this could also be practised when participating the community and the other stakeholders.
Peter is from Rotterdam. And has something very good going on. So maybe we'll start in Rotterdam with a first unconference. I do think we should starts small. Take on one program/ project with a small group of participants, generate realistic ideas and scenario's and decides on a way to communicate our results.

What do you think Peter?
I would be happy to host the unconference in Rotterdam. Now, what program/project should that be?
I am very interested in the theme loneliness. Maybe we could involve the salvation army?

But more important: I would like to design a system of unconferences. Develop a method we all use, find a way to share information and further develop outcomes. Bottom line: facilitating a conversation.

This system can innovate existing Congress and Conference models, explore sharing of information between local groups using social media. Professionals and/or students. It can be a method different local groups can work together in developing ideas and opportunities. And could be an a way to discover local and cultural differences while looking for general solutions (information very valuable for big global brands). Think big act small?

Am I making any sense?


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