I am spending some time in London, Germany and Italy this year looking for some good and short courses and experiences in Service Design, Social Design and Innovation Management. My firs stop will be in London, however, I haven't found any good and short Service Design course in there. Most of them are really expensive and lasts only for a couple of days. Therefore, I was wondering if you guys could help me out on that. Do you know any good, short and worth taking Service Design course in there? 

Thank you very much. 

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Royal College Arts- Fusion runs masterclasses in Design led innovation, Design research and Service design. Its a full day workshop mostly for beginners, design curious and SME businesses. Its free. I am running the SD one on the 12th of June which you can register and attend. There is a design led innovation workshop which is happening in the next couple of weeks. Take a look 


Hope that helps


Thanks, Niharika! It sure helped. 

But it seems that I can't really apply, since I am not from London and not a SME, right? In their website it seems I am not eligible :(

But I'll keep looking. Thank you very much.


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