A guide to a new mindset


A guide to a new mindset

The intention of the final stage of my MDes is to create a service for young designers/creatives who are keen to push past the status quo - to give them an accessible pathway into the complex landscape of the service design industry.

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Proving Service Design is not a buzzword

Started by Lauren Currie. Last reply by Lauren Currie Jul 4, 2009. 6 Replies

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Comment by rufflemuffin on July 2, 2009 at 20:40
I was going to post this inside your discussion but would probably fit well here...

I think the visualisation of all the services we use is a good idea.

Have you seen this?


I know its brands but it made me think of what you had said about mapping out our daily service usage.

I think its a great idea to make people think and understand what services they use everyday. I conducted a workshop with students from Auburn to educate them what service design is, I looked at services they have encpuntered in their day to day lives to help them understand what it is 'I do' and let them have a go at innovating an aspect of the journey that they felt was negative. They got alot out of it because they actually got to learn and use simple techniques to begin thinking about and design basic services themselves.

But here is my question...When you said that you want to create an awareness campaign, what does this exercise seek to achieve. My tutor always said to me be wary of the word awareness, as in people become aware, or are conscious of services around them, but it does not mean they understand or there is no physical action or involvment thereafter. So what is it for and who is it for? Is it for others to practice the techniques of service design or simply for people to 'get it' and perhaps welcome the concept.

I ask because a public sector organisation have asked me to 'teach' them service design and I am very curious as to how to get across service design, what it is and how to 'do it'. In this case I think they are looking for a transferal of skills, except I feel there are a lot more underlying barriers before you can even begin to practice service design within a public sector organisation like not understanding the way designers work (i.e perhaps not in the traditional 9-5)...

So, I'll try to string my questions together as I have warbled on as usual.

What does the campaign seek to achieve and what do you mean by educating others about service design?
Comment by Lauren Currie on July 2, 2009 at 13:09
Lovely to see so many of you have joined. I want to talk to all of you and hear your views so please comment and ask questions :)

Firstly, to answer to answer Bas my final service is based on experience and theory and is intended to be integrated into education.

My aim is to embody my primary research ( my journey of moving from product to service design/ my experience working with Service Designers/ placements/ conversations...) with secondary research ( the SD networks/ companies/articles / books...) to design a service to EDUCATE OTHERS ABOUT SERVICE DESIGN.

The service will be created so it can be implemented in schools/ universities/ councils/ charities / businesses.

The tangible touchpoints I will produce could be a published document/postcards / postcards - resulting in an 'awareness campaign' which will all feed back into an online community.

Initial thoughts?
Comment by Adam StJohn Lawrence on July 2, 2009 at 1:22
rufflemuffin - have you seen smallFISH?



Comment by rufflemuffin on July 1, 2009 at 15:17
How about some group projects for a start. Having just finished my degree, and for the most part conducting service design projects in my final year, I found it increasingly tough to understand in a 'Product Design' course (although it is service design friendly) what my expected output was supposed to be.

The problem, and this may be specifically me but I would be interested to hear if other students had encountered this, felt they had to try and design all the major touchpoints that linked together a service. In a project that is only 3 months, its difficult enough to conduct the research, understand your findings and progress forward with a service concept/blueprint when you have traditional product design tutors marking it and asking you questions about the products.

What I'm trying to get at, and in hind sight what would have been perfect, would be to work with a company who could allow a student to come into their workspace/business/space and receive a brief from them, or perhaps let the student investigate why their business may not be operating at full capacity.

Starting from scratch when you're a student, working on your final masters/bachelors project is very tough when looking at services, in my experience anyway.

If companies would allow students to do some 'free' work for them, surely this would prove as valuable experience?
Comment by Bas Kools on June 30, 2009 at 21:14
By experience or by theory? Integrated in education or as an add-on? I am very curious to your ideas.
Comment by Kate Andrews on June 30, 2009 at 20:54
Can't wait to get the tangible ideas flowing!

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Discussion Forum

Proving Service Design is not a buzzword

Started by Lauren Currie. Last reply by Lauren Currie Jul 4, 2009. 6 Replies




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