You - Design is part of your DNA. It's how you see and express your view of the world. It is a reflection of your experience with people, culture, business, and you use this to inform your ideas about what a better future should be. You're the type of person that loves to learn, yet is eager to bring something new to the table, and feels perfectly at home among a group of passionate like-minded peers as well as experts from other disciplines. You are a creative, smart, well-rounded designer.

Us - Continuum is a unique grouping of experts with complementary disciplines striving to understand people, what they value, and why. As Designers, we want to understand the contexts of people’s interactions with products, and how they make visual, physical, conscious and unconscious judgements within an overall experience. With this knowledge we define and deliver new and compelling product experiences that integrate technical, business and human needs.

Together - We will use design thinking processes and tools to design products that fit into complex experiences. You will participate in and interpret user research. Translate front-end research and learning into the overall product experience. Envision future user experiences, using a variety of visual and verbal communication tools. Participate in various levels of user testing and feedback. Collaborate regularly with our multi-disciplinary teams.

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