Tell me more about the nutrition/eating habit project that you're working on.

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Hi there,
Thank you very much for your interest Sam.

I am looking at how the use of new technologies, which have already become part of our daily lives, can reach improvements in eating habits.

As I said before, I am very new in service design. I have an engineering background and I aim to make a good use of technology. I am doing now a master in design innovation at the Glasgow School of Art, and I believe that the best way of learning is actually working on something, not just taking the theoretical point of view. That is why I’ve started moving forward this idea.

I am at the very beginning of the process: learning how to visualize my ideas through storyboards and video prototyping, learning about pervasive technologies, getting in touch with stakeholders and experts in nutrition tendencies and behaviours (specially in Glasgow and Scotland)...
Otherwise the Scottish Government is investing a lot of time and money in nutrition research, initiatives and policies, which I am closely looking at.

I will start soon publishing my research on my blog. Any feedback / advice / reference will be very much appreciated.
Thanks again
Hi Sam,
finally the e-lunch has moved to the next stage.
Some weeks ago I presented to the Scottish Health Innovation Ltd, that works for NHS. Under my surprise it was a very promising meeting. Hopefully they will provide the funding to develop the idea. They are now analysing its feasibility, but they usually only carry on with a 10% of the projects they receive.. we'll see how it goes. I am so excited about it :D
jut getting the opportunity to present my project to them has been thrilling.
Hi Angela,
Great to hear and welcome back. Would love to learn more about your project. Hope you do start posting some of the information to your blog.


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