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Is there a food revolution? Or are we just hoping for one?Or is that the

I think we are still in the claws of the Food Industry and we have nothing to replace this... There obviously is an awareness- trend taking place, like in any other industry, but I'm a bit skeptical about our change of success. 

It seems money, power (and all that) will always corrupt people... even when it means poisoning your customers (unfortunately this is no exaggeration...)

Or am I missing something? 

Unfortunately I think you're right. In our day to day activities there is no space for reading all the small letters on the packages and that's just the luck of the Food Industry.

yes... I think it is sad to realize we need to read the small print... even the fact there is such a thing as small print. When you are leading a food company when, why and how do you make the decision to start poisoning your customer. The way McDonalds is responsible for obesity by coming up with the Menu's (XXL) and happy meals... mad.  


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