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Finnish Design Thinkers

"Judgement is a look what is – with the reference to the past. Design is an arrangement of what could be – with a reference to the future." -Edward de Bono

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UnConference on social design @ Kuopio Academy of Design

Aloittaja: Satu Miettinen Elo 9, 2010. 0 Vastaukset

On the 15th of September, see more here.Jatka

Who has the truth about Design Thinking?

Aloittaja: Anne Stenros. Viimeisin vastaus jäseneltä Jennifer Jarratt Maalis 15, 2010. 7 Vastaukset

I have recently studied Design Thinking - there are lots of (good) books about the issue. It seems to me that there are as many definitions of it than there are speakers/writers/designers. However,…Jatka

UNCONFERENCE on Finnish design thinking

Aloittaja: Satu Miettinen. Viimeisin vastaus jäseneltä Satu Miettinen Helmi 18, 2010. 3 Vastaukset

Hi all,What about organizing a Finnish unconference on design thinking? Outcome might be useful...Jatka



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Kommentoinut Johanna Hautamäki 25. joulukuu 2010 13:33
This sounds good, I would be interested in participating. :)
Kommentoinut Satu Miettinen 24. joulukuu 2010 13:38
Hi Anne, Utö sounds absolutely fantastic. What about publishing "notes" on Finnish design thinking based on our UnConference?
Kommentoinut Anne Stenros 23. joulukuu 2010 13:45

Well, well... white on white :-) more snow forecasted! - OK, late spring or summertime - if in June, let's go to Utö! (an outer island on the Gulf of Finland, a fantastic, remote location with good accomodation and beautiful scenery and - of course - an authentic, old lighthouse! Helsinki is the second option.

Kommentoinut Arne van Oosterom 23. joulukuu 2010 13:24
It might be good to connect the UnConference to the Helsinki Design Week. What do you think?... and as for a date... summertime might be a good idea ;-)
Kommentoinut Satu Miettinen 22. joulukuu 2010 21:20
Hi Anne and Arne, Yes let set a date :)
Kommentoinut Arne van Oosterom 20. joulukuu 2010 13:23

Hi Anne,

Just set a date and we'll get the ball rolling ;-)

Kommentoinut Anne Stenros 20. joulukuu 2010 09:12

Hello All Members of FDT, a year has passed since Satu made a proposal of an unconference on design thinking in Finland... Well, we all are busy, but... I wonder if it is now time to stop talking and start doing - maybe we should actualize the idea in the coming year? Please, let me know your feelings about it. Meanwhile, I wish you all a very snowfull :-) and peaceful Holiday Season, Anne


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Who has the truth about Design Thinking?

Started by Anne Stenros. Last reply by Jennifer Jarratt Mar 15, 2010. 7 Replies

UNCONFERENCE on Finnish design thinking

Started by Satu Miettinen. Last reply by Satu Miettinen Feb 18, 2010. 3 Replies




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