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Maybe you are interested in commenting on our question: How will sustainability change our approaches to design and innovation over the next few years?

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Hi Alexandra, as the question is formulated it doesn't really make sense, does it? "Sustainability" is not a thing or a person, it will not change anything itself. It's something to commit to, something to think into everything we plan and do - or not. So i guess the question could be asked something like this: "From all influential factors, how will those that happened in the intention of sustainability have an effect on the domains of design and innovation in the next few years?".

But then one can't help acknowledging that it's not a one-way influence; many impulses along the way will come from 'design' and 'innovation'... so the question could just as well be "How will design and innovation change our approaches to sustainability over the next few years?", or not? Maybe replacing the "will" with a "can" unleashes more energy... after all the attempt of prediction is influencing that which we attempt to predict.

I am interested in the idea that susatinability shifts the focus of design from reconsidering the solution to reconsidering the system. This requires a different starting point for design and innovation in production systems and total life cycles.


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