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Design Thinking não é Design

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Design Thinking e Redes Sociais

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Comentário de marcio c. de c. dupont em 30 março 2011 às 17:52


I`m an industrial designer, expert in sustainability for design and consumption. Best.

Comentário de Ricardo E. Ruffo em 9 janeiro 2011 às 19:06

Hey all, 

I am Ricardo Ruffo, Design Echos Co-Founder... if you would like to know a little more about Social Innovation, Design Thinking, Strategy Design... Check our page at


All the best in 2011

Ricardo Ruffo

Comentário de Erico Fernandes Fileno em 24 junho 2010 às 20:22
I'm Erico Fileno from Curitiba, co-founder of the first brazilian Interaction Design Institute that offer an international level postgraduate programme: Instituto Faber-Ludens. Also, I'm interaction designer at CESAR.
Comentário de Ana Barroso em 16 junho 2010 às 16:09
I'm Ana Barroso, co-founder of Ologia | Design Thinking.
Comentário de Eduardo Pucu de Araujo em 17 maio 2010 às 19:59
Hi, I'm Eduardo Pucu, and I'm starting a consultancy in innovation & strategy and teaching at PUC -Rio (design practice).
Comentário de Andrés Parallada em 20 janeiro 2010 às 18:08
Hi, I am from Uruguay, but I also teach in Orbitato, Institute for Design Studies in Pomerode, Santa Catarina, Brazil. You may check the site of Orbitato,, or the website of our design education institution in Uruguay:

I hope this group could be useful for exchange of ideas in Brazil, and if everybody agrees, in the region too.

Best wishes!!! Andres.
Comentário de Kira Krämer em 14 janeiro 2010 às 12:59
Hello altogether,
i study international business and design thinking in Berlin & Potsdam and I really enjoy the input I'm getting there. I would love to come back to Brazil this year and connect this with some inspiring work. Maybe one of you creative people have some projects running and needs help, collaboration, new input? My portuguese is getting better every day (practise) and I think it would be amazing not only to work interdisciplinary like in my school but even international! So, any ideas or recommendations are welcome! time to go would be either march&april or august&september&october. Greetings from snowy white Berlin! Kira
Comentário de Luis Alt em 12 janeiro 2010 às 18:17
Hello, my name is Luis Alt and I speak portuguese. :)

I think that everybody should introduce themselves inside the discussion forum and not here in the comment wall or at least that's what Tennyson intended when he created the discussion on the top.
Comentário de Eduardo Grandelle em 26 outubro 2009 às 15:03
HI, I´m Eduardo Grandelle from Rio de Janeiro, and I´m working on a final project for my Post Grad about Service Design and Design Thinking for eco Sustainable Services for IT Firms.
Comentário de Rafael Soldatelli em 20 agosto 2009 às 3:50
Rafael, from Porto Alegre. I'm starting a service design agency with Graziella Prando.

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Design Thinking não é Design

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Design Thinking e Redes Sociais

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