My name is Tennyson Pinheiro, i work with Customer Experience Design at my own Company which is called Design Loyalty and it's actually based in São Paulo.

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Cool Luis! Let's keep on spreading Service Design and Design Thinking in Brazil. I own a company called Design Loyalty and we do experience design (which is kinda the same as service design)... good to hear you guys are starting a business on that too. We need to spread the word that there are good companies here in Brazil that works like the big shoots (IDEO,FROG and etc.). We are still slow in the D.T culture here, but as pioneers our job is to make that happen :) .
Let's exchange some information, it will be cool to hear about the work you guys are doing!

Hello All,

I have been worked with at IT Software Design since 2000 for Telecom, Energy and Bank markets. Last years I have start a IT startup at Campinas and then meet world of "Design Thinking", but not with the tools and view point of "Design Thinking by IDEO" approach.

The need to evaluate, prototyping and share business ideas quickly - with a consulting group at Softex Incubator group at Campinas - let me to meet the Business Model Innovation Ontology ( by Alex Osterwalder ( .

After that, Alex start a community to create a Business Model Innovation Book with a self-published business model and with the co-creation (word that I have seen from Design world !!) of 470 people around the world.

Quickly, I join to the group!!

The book was created during a year, which the chapters was released to the co-creators. ( )

The book "Business Model Generation" was launched in september 2009 with topics like:
- Business Model Canvas(BMC) - a visualization tool and shared language to create innovative business model
- Business Model Patterns - a set of patterns like Razor and Blades, Multisided Markets, Freemium, Open Business explained with the BMC
- Visual Thinking - talking about the tools (Customer View,Ideation,etc..) that you designers know well ! But with a focus in business models.
- Prototyping - idem talking about the value of prototyping business model like in other areas
- Scenarios - talking about the evaluation if business scenarios for business models
- Strategy - the business model analysis integrate with Blue Ocean Strategy, Swot , External Forces, etc..

During the last year I used this "Visual Thinking" tool - Business Model Canvas - to evaluate my businesses and another business model of IT startups at Campinas with a consultant from Softex. However I can't explore the other Visual Thinking tools, because involving a new budget that the Incubator only can paid if see results and value first.

With this frustration, I particularly have been studied and talked about this tools and then meets the "Design Thinking", initially by IDEO and others sources.

My questions are:
- Who use the Design Thinking tools and methods to evaluate and develop "great ideas" in Brazil ?
- How to use all this "power" to show to entrepreneurial people how they can be helped ?
- How to develop my "Visual Thinker" side ? With talks, session, meetings, jobs, works, collaboration, co-creation, etc..

For entrepreneur, ideas emerge every day, but how to develop this ideas with no budget to apply hire a "Design Thinker" consultant ?

The government provide funding to IT project development products and services, then how to prove the value of "Design Thinking" to help the IT startups create successful business !

Citting Tenny: "We are still slow in the D.T culture here, but as pioneers our job is to make that happen :) "

The game only starts here !!!
hey there!

glad to be part of the brzln DT wave. i'm a rotman 08 mba grad where i was exposed to business design through roger martin's theory. i've been applying the DT mindset in a job spectrum that goes from desing consultancy (d.continuum) to venture capital, and even to i-banking services and it has worked quite well.

hope to keep in touch with all of you guys.


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