Just tell us, where and when did you hear about this project (attach a link, if you can)! Or did you spread the word yourself? Where and when did you post it?

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Here's what I am aware of until now (Please correct/complete):

(9.11.09) twitter: @fergusbisset, http://twitter.com/fergusbisset
(9.11.09) blog: design for service by Jeff Howard, http://designforservice.wordpress.com/
(10.11.09) website: service design network, http://www.service-design-network.org/
(10.11.09) blog: coosenick by nick marsh, http://www.choosenick.com/
(12.11.09) website: wenovski, http://wenovski.ning.com/
(10.11.09) twitter: @jasecoop - rt'd at http://twitter.com/jasecoop/status/5598351151
(19.11.09) Email: LinkedIn International Service Design Network group, http://www.linkedin.com
(19.11.09) Email: Wenovski, http://wenovski.ning.com/group/ThisisSDT
(19.11.09) twitter: @ylvalindberg - http://twitter.com/YlvaLindberg/status/5855246112


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