/// service design thinking in architecture /// a chance?

I´m writing my master thesis on service design thinking and architecture and looking for interesting projects. So this research is about service design thinking and the influence on architecture. How design thinking tools can change the way architects work with clients. or maybe even more? Can design thinking tools change the way architecture works - function - looks?

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Hello Mark 

I am an architect and I am making my Design Management thesis trying to link and join Design Thinking with Architectural Thinking.

Now I am based in Barcelona.

It would be nice if we can share some insights. In fact I am working with Escola Sert (part of the Catalan Architect´s Association).

Looking forward to hear back from you!


sounds great. let´s get in touch.

i would love to share some insights and see were we can go with this new topic. i belive that there are so many possibilities useing service design tools in architecture.



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