Innovation for Public Good - 1-day course London 8 Aug 2014 - Breakfast forum Edinburgh 5 Aug 2014

Hi all - was excited to see this specific forum.

We are a couple of Australian public sector design thinkers and are coming to the UK.  We are offering 2 scholarships for UK-headquartered NGOs for our new course.

SmartPublic course will give you both theory and hands-on practical experience in driving public innovation.  We will cover how to research, visually map and ideate for communities, and then put this into practice in a simulated real-world problem.  We hope we will see you either in London or come to the Edinburgh Fringe join us for breakfast in the morning and a show in the evening :) 

We are also collaborating on a book which when complete will be titled SmartPublic.  We want to write a book about how organisations can accomplish amazing things by exploring, designing for and working with the public in a new way.  So we are looking for case studies that really stand out as truly 'amazing' - if you can recommend a project you know of we are keen to hear about it.

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