Do you guys think we can plan and host anything like this in Latin America?

Just received my newsletter as usual and I can´t help to be jealous. Maybe I will have to move to Europe to be able to attend to all the amazing things that are happening and many of us are missing. ....or........

Do you guys think we can plan and host anything like this in Latin Amercia?. Perhaps Chile, Argentina, Brazil ..... any?

Hopefully I am not crossing the line.

Neswletter with all the events



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ok will do :)

Thanks Adam. Will have a look on that to see which way to go.

Ok. I have taken a first step. After talking to some fiends, people and some organizations I just sent an email saying that I want to host a Jam here in Chile to start doing something right now!

So thanks Adam for that.

Arne, I sent both Alfredo and Mijael an email like a month ago and haven´t got any response yet but I will drop them another one talking specifically about the Jam and will cc you. 

Will keep you posted!


Hi Felipe,

We have been working with our partners in Brazil (to set up DesignThinkers Group Brazil) the last few weeks. We are up and running now, so it would be good to connect you to my colleagues in Brazil.

Please also send a message to Alfredo and cc me. I will make sure you'll get in touch with them!


Thanks Adam for all the support.

Thanks Arne.  Alfredo told they had too much work. They must be having a blast! Great for them!!! :D

Would love to Skype some time. 

To all other members I invite you to check this out and support us!

Here´s the link to our FB:




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