Do you guys think we can plan and host anything like this in Latin America?

Just received my newsletter as usual and I can´t help to be jealous. Maybe I will have to move to Europe to be able to attend to all the amazing things that are happening and many of us are missing. ....or........

Do you guys think we can plan and host anything like this in Latin Amercia?. Perhaps Chile, Argentina, Brazil ..... any?

Hopefully I am not crossing the line.

Neswletter with all the events



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Hi Felipe,

I think it's a great idea to organize a Design Thinking Network event in Brazil.

Let's start a conversation about what it should be and how we can make this happen.

What would be your first thoughts on this?

Hi Arne,

Thanks for your reply. My first thoughts on this is that I have no expertise in putting together an event like this so I would definitely need some advice and help with that. In this regard, since it is something big, we would need a team to be able to do this.

I think Brazil is the perfect spot to do it for many reasons so we agree on that.

May be a good idea would be to start gathering and putting together the "Fellowship of the service" so people with different background and expertise would pitch in.

Will keep writing as ideas come in!

We had María Fernanda comment on the Linkedin page from Colombia and wanted to help. May be we can move the conversation to one place (here)?

Hi Felipe,

I would like to investigate if we can make this happen. We have some partners in Brazil and Chile that will be able to help as well. If we can have the conversation here the Design Thinking Network can be a valuable partner to get things started.

Hi Arne,

Yes, I also need to investigate as well. Let´s have the conversation here and start working on it


Hey...I'm from Brazil and I can help!

Hi Erico,

Thank you for your comment and willing to help. It will be very much appreciated. We are starting this conversation so we are at a research phase to see if we can actually make this happen.

Any thoughts, comments or ideas on this is welcome.

thanks and talk to you soon,

If you want to learn more while experiencing and publicising a design thinking approach, why not join (or host) a Jam? 
The Global Service Jam, coming in March 2013, will be the world's biggest service innovation event, and is full of design thinkers. The last GSJ took place in almost 100 cities with several thousand participants. 
Or, if you can't wait, join us in November 2012 for the Global Sustainability Jam. We already have 10 locations in Latin America, with more joining all the time... 

Hope to see you there! 


(As well as a Design Thinking Network event, of course! The Jam and the Network are perfectly complementary!) :)

Joining or Hosting a Global Service Jam would be a advisable if you want to connect to the rest of the Service Design of Design Thinking community! 

I would love to have the Design Thinking Network (more explicitly than now) be one of the supports/ channels / drivers to help out grow the Jam network.

One other thing: our partner company in Brazil is working on the idea of a larger DTN conference.... they are having some very encouraging conversations with some big partners now... more on this later :-)

Maybe I could start a movement here in Chile and if there is one already I will try to connect with them and take from there. As well as networking with people in the region


Will join the Jam!

And you should connect to my colleagues in Chille at and DesignThinkers Group Chile.



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