There are design problems and REAL problems, those no one acknowledges; to which first world solutions are a bit too sophisticated. Is design thinking a global issue or new business paraphernalia? Is death and violence a global design concern?

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Maybe design is just not the right word to use. But if design thinking means we can approach problems with a truly open mind, which enables lateral thinking, respect for the evolutionary quality of diversity, seeing change as a constant and a positive life giving force, accepting that everything is part of everything, etc. Than design thinking can play an important role while looking for ways to create a better world.
Real is the way a problem exist in the mind, the mind pictures reality and reality is different due to cultural environments, therefore the theoretical aspect of design thinking some times is too general to address a problem with its particularities. To me a design thinking process emerges from reality as a mind picture, mind is as open as the amount of reality it can process, this is a combination of rational and irrational thinking, sense and sensibility.
Paraphernalia, my goodness.. beautifull word!
yes I love the sound of it



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