Hi everyone! I'm interested in knowing if there have been any instances where design thinking has been applied to sustainability issues?


Personally I believe that in the next 20/30 years or so the world will undergo a revolution in thinking about environmental sustainability and design thinking could be a key tool in driving that change. In particular, with rapidly increasing populations in city areas, I think there will be a drive towards integrating the notion of sustainability with urban living environments and resource consumption patterns.


So I'm wondering if anyone out there is (or knows someone else who is), at the moment, doing any kind of work where design thinking meets environmental sustainability. Thanks!

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Your observations seem quite correct. Closed loop sustainability will become the norm, and a core element of every successful business and service design. I recently published the e-book on 'The Art o f Business Design' which seems to have attracted much attention from the design thinking fraternity :


I'd appreciate any comments...

James Rock

Hi Wong, I’ve just started a project called Menta Diseño which focus on sustainability. Our poupose is that through sustainable design and ecofriendly products start to promote environmental awareness by comming with solutions to solve local environmental issues. Social inclusion is vital to the design thinking process, the success of it depends on  motivating and generating actions within the society.


Rosana Medina



An initiative being undertaking by the design company IDEO, using the banner of Open IDEO Challenge, is currently undertaking a project using on-line collaboration to address a specific issue regarding sustainability - How might we better connect food production and consumption?

The inspiration and conception phases of this project provide many ideas regarding various issues associated with sustainability in general and is worth having a look at.

Below is an extract from the website outlining what this project is about.


Help us close the gap between rural food production and urban food consumption to create more sustainable, happy and healthy communities. OpenIDEO has partnered with the Queensland Government in Australia and the IDEAS Festival 2011 to create a closer connection between local food production and consumption that can make a dramatic impact on sustainability efforts.



Recently I met someone who told me about the Sustainable Summer School / http://www.recentre.org/sustainablesummerschool / 19-25th of August 2011 / interdisciplinary design course / sustainability in practice / crossing borders / international experts / hands-on workshops


Seven days of Sustainable Summer School with Institute without Boundaries and Euregional faculty and international experts. You will tackle three themes that live in cities of the Meuse-Rhine Euregion: water, food and public space.


It's about sharing knowledge in an international context and practising sustainable design during workshops with experts from various disciplines. I think it's quite interesting and hopefully worth the sharing.



Bianca Spierenburg



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