Hello everyone, my first post here!

I'm trying to get find projects of Design Management/design processes within Healthcare that have been deployed in Europe over the years. Anyone familiar with this?

I am investigating the possibilites to get a workshop/ project going within this field in a nearby future here in Sweden.

Feel free to discuss this or give us tips in this discussion.

Kind regards!


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Hi Michael,

Transformator design (service design agency in Sweden) did a project within Healthcare:

Here is a good example of how service design can improve the patient experience in contact with a health center. This service design project was carried out by Transformator Design Group at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, spring 2010.



Also check out The Design Council for projects and case studies:



and NHS Institute - The National Health Service (NHS) using design to innovate:


The ebd approach, The ebd approach - Presentation Transcript, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement 2009, www.slideshare.net/whatidiscover/the-ebd-approach


My thesis is about Swedish healthcare and Service Design, if that sounds interesting or want more info and links, book tips about this subject, just e-mail me at hello@hariskadic.se


Hi everyone 

I am overwhelmed by the response to this post, over twitter and e-mail, m u c h appreciated. I will let you know how it evolves further. Keep on posting if you have more great examples!


Hello, I work in Strasbourg at the universitary hospital. Since ten years we try to think the organisation with art and design tools. You can see some projects (maternity, services of neurology, palliative care, etc. ) at this complicated way :




or here : http://www.hi-culture.fr/-Hopitaux-Universitaires-de-.html

We have worked in an empiric way and now we want introduce design-thinking methods with our partners : http://www.la27eregion.fr/


Strasbourg university

and service designers like www.userstudio.fr

Thanks for the discussion subject !


Hi Michael,

have a look at the following paper of Philips Design on health care: it carries lot's of clues towards managing touch points and service aspects and the process thereof.

Best, Jan-Erik





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