Local Motors Rally Fighter: The First-Ever Creative Commons Car http://tinyurl.com/ykwjqvj looks as if designed by a committee? Does crowdsourcing work for designing complex objects such as cars?

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Hi Christian,

The mere fact that it's there and it's crowdsourced shows it works.. Of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating: will it sell or not? and will it be a profitable car?
that's a good starting point. Well, I don't know if this design approach will work everytime.
However this method worked (in a certain point of view) for the FIAT 500's develop with the web comunity 500wantsyou.
During model's development, FIAT virtually asked their future customers how they would like their car will be. Using a simple "game", customers were invitated to cutomize their FIAT 500, chosing exterior/interior colours, rims shape and everything connected to this car.
The results was incredible. In the 500 days before the 500's retail launch, thounsands of italians joined the comunity customizing the FIAT model.

Right now FIAT 500 is one of the italians best selled car, and obviously one the most favourite of young people, due to this ingenious work.

Maybe i partially answered ur question.... :)
Thanks for the input. The Fiat 500 story is more a case of co-creation (between potential/future customers and the automaker). I'm sure that we will see this more and more. It is also interesting to see that co-creation started with t-shirts (relatively low-cost and risk-free, small batches) and now extends to cars (relatively expensive and risky, large batches).




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