I found a question asking:

What makes you buy an idea, is it by uniqueness or usability?

Me, none of those because i'll buy an idea if it is new and brilliant :P Please change the options :)

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Hi Iris

Perhaps the answer to your question lies elsewhere; in entrepreneurship practices.

The trouble with ideas, even the ones that are based upon a thorough understanding of fundamental customer needs, is that they are still a long way from the messy world of service, customers and markets. The only way to prove whether an idea will really work is to take an early prototype service to potential customers to see whether it will work. Master entrepreneurs like Eric Ries and Steve Blank talk about testing 'minimum viable products' and about there being 'no facts inside the building'. In other words, you should take your ideas to potential customers as soon as possible in the form of crude working prototypes to see which bits of them work and which bits don't. Then you need to go back, quickly improve the service and try again. The co-created protoyping that service designers typicaly use is an internal, but somewhat inferior version of the same thing.

Ultimately, only the customer can decide what works for them. Your job is to go out there and try out different protoypes until you find the one that does.

Graham Hill
Customer-driven Innovator

Hello Graham, I think this topic is getting more interesting for me. You are very right on your point. I just like to add the fact that the answer to my question does EXIST EVERYWHERE. Not only in the entreprenuership, just to maximize the limit of my question :) You think so?

Also, and especially MESSY WORLD, occurs on all cases in every walk of life on all dimension we knew in the kaleidoscopic world we are in. But well, entreprenuership is indeed one of the most complicated, right!

I got your mere point here. So, you mean AN IDEA FROM AN IDEA :) Cool idea, indeed lol!

Best regards,



and thinker! 



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