I found a question asking:

What makes you buy an idea, is it by uniqueness or usability?

Me, none of those because i'll buy an idea if it is new and brilliant :P Please change the options :)

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I question that there is truely new Ideas, but are often old ideas reapropriated to new situations. What makes me buy an idea is one that truely opens up posibility rather then shut it down. It has depth, yet simplicty in form or execution.

Hello David, thank you very much for that brilliant reaction! Well, let's play around a little bit more. What do you mean by "possibility..."? (of what?). Mmm, i like you last statement. Kind'a interesting :)



Hi Iris,

Thanks, I find that some products, spaces or ideas are very directed to a singular function. This I find banal, whilst they may be a fine solution, the outcome does not perpetuate creative thought or use of this idea, product or space. The best ideas require something from the user, or viewer in the case of art, to engage their mind in a way that unleashes further creativity, possibility or input.


The internet is a case in point, whist this is complex in implementation, the idea is little more than connect together many computers via a means of a network. I am not sure the originators necessarily conceived or designed it to be what it is today or will become in the future. It has endless possibility.


Hope this expains a little more what I was getting at here. 

This is what I like wit Wenovski networking. It complies my search to use my brain a little bit more, atlast :) Ok, David, you stormed my brain and I like how you lead me to get your point. Yes there are a lot of examples within out space... including ideas that produce products, which people get crazy finding it has a single use or purpose...or products and patronage that produces outcomes (by-products) which even the developers never imagined then as future results :) Cool. SO.. you mean... UNCONSTRAINED POSSIBILITIES! :))

Hi Iris, yep that is what I was getting at.

As I reread my reply, I should clarify one thing. By space I am refering to space created within buildings and within the city by the the buildings (streets, squares etc.). Sorry, this is what I design every day and oftern forget to fully expain myself.




Hello Davod Sorry for the late response. Don't worry I understand what do you mean by space in that way and also I gave the meaning of the space I meant. I did somehow studied spatial planning... and so regional planning which includes the multidimensional space we normally knew. As well, I once am a land use planning consultant for mapping these spaces you meant. On one way or another we had met our ideas. Well, we can continue discussing a lot more. I know we can elaborate more the topic or you can suggest another issue to tackle.



Ideas are often not the problem. Implementing them, making them come to life usually is the hardest part. So buying an idea might leave you empty handed in the end...
Hello Arne, thank you also for your unprecendented reaction especially your last statement. That's true on all cases. Just an additional curiousity, why "empty handed"? May I know more about it? Any vivid example?? :)

Hi Iris,


I think the world is full of examples of 'innovative' ideas that never made it, promising startups taken over by a bigger company and consequently squashed, brilliant new initiatives or visionary transformations stranded by counteractions from unconvinced managers and internal politics.


It's far more difficult to find a case of an idea that made, it unharmed and as intended, and reached the very people it was designed for.

SO... you mean the same, ideas must be brilliant, which I would mean that these could effectively convince managers in the midst of (business) politics. Well true.... that happens but I would suggest that ideas must be, in itself a product of a careful analysis/assessment of a complex system where it has manifested. Otherwise, you may find them on the "recycle bin" of another person's intelligence room and convert them into "bars of gold" out of your ideas. Got my point? Sounds Bill Gates (vs. Steve Jobs), right? ;D

Well, all ideas are becoming politicized 'though! Thus, they are always harmed due to greedy, selfishness and scalar ambitions.

Oh my..., isn't it the world getting complicated? lol! :D

Hi Iris

As is often the case I find myself agreeing 100% with Arne.

Ideas are quite literally WORTHLESS. They only create value if there is a route to successful implementation.

History shows that over 80% of new product ideas fail on introduction. And that over 90% of new startup ideas fail on launch too. Research suggests that the biggest single reason for failure is not understanding the fundamental needs of customers. 

Putting the tortuous philosophy of ideas to one side, perhaps the acid test of a good idea is whether you can see how implementing it would create VALUE for you. However you think of value. If there is nothing in it for you. The idea really is quite worthless. For you. Of course, that doesn't mean that the idea won't have value for someone else. 

Just a thought.

Graham Hill
Customer-centric Innovator

Eyy Graham, nice thoughts. Yes...Arne and you got the point I wanted to provoke in this topic I have planted. Since I started to be, to do, to study and to work as a development planner...and finding out the failures of ideas or projects...I never stop asking this question. SO what then the problem of intelligent people working on their air conditioned room? Is there a problem with intelligence or it is a problem of adapting their intelligence to reality, culture and advancing generations that has been change the pattern of development :)

Thus, I mentioned above for Arne that ideas should be expressed carefully with thorough analysis, at most possibility. Otherwise that proportionate to 80-90% failure issues which cost a lot of money, effort, ..including idiot-like intelligence :)

Sorry, im getting tensed now. ANyway, dont get me wrong... but let me know your side.

This is how the Wenovsky networking must work, lol!



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